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He's been very messed up since his girlfriend's disappearance.

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He is 24 years old. Beware the Nice Ones: They were caused by Masayoshi's wish to fight real evil. Since it's set at the beginning of the anime, there are a lot of Masayoshi and Goto moments.

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He's the only legitimate law enforcement officer in the entire group, showcasing how absolutely bizarre it is to decide to be a tokusatsu hero by comparison. Then it's revealed that Goto didn't have any friends either.

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By the end, she admits she has no chance with Goto. Goto is 24 and Masayoshi is Originally confronting regular thugs in his alternate persona, Masayoshi starts fighting real monsters from the "Torture" organization when they start threatening the city.

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He replies that of course, he'd only take Samurai Flamenco. The first Character Talk CD reveals she has a sweet romantic side. You Killed My Father: Grade A in her idol costume. She is a high-school student with a reserved, yet carefree personality.

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After stealing the spotlight from Samurai Flamenco, and getting called out on the brutality she uses, she decides to form a heroine troupe with Moe and Mizuki. However, by the end of the series he has started to let go and move on, though it is slow-going.

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While diligent and by the book, he does his best to keep his justice loving friend out of trouble. Including Samurai Flamenco along with the Flamenco Girls, she's the choleric one.

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The entire scene could also be read as though the two were dating.