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He was 41, adventurous and enjoyed travelling — as do I.

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She's certainly big and female. Her brain cannot process the words: First Catch Your Husband: I turned up a few minutes late for one date to find that the guy had already ordered and eaten dinner without me, and I booked myself on a climbing holiday with 14 fit men, only to discover halfway up the highest mountain in North Africa that they were all married.

But, returning to London in after four years abroad, I discovered that being something and single was very different to being something and single.

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Share or comment on this article: Likes to start the day with a couple of Bacardi Breezers. A date would necessitate the removal of the roof and a whale sling.

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He was kind and chivalrous. While I did meet some really nice men, it was certainly not at the tortuous round of singles events, at which there were always more women than men and everyone had a sad, resigned look in their eyes.

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Where had they all gone? But, while we were perfect for each other on paper, the relationship lacked passion. This girl is more pint glass than hourglass.

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Cuddling is very unlikely, although squashing is a distinct possibility. Cancel a date with this girl and you'll come home to find your car has been keyed and all the sleeves have been cut off your shirts.


I felt that to continue going out with him would have been unfair to both of us, so I ended our relationship. A staggering 65 per cent of British singletons now turn to the internet looking for love.

She'll have Googled you and looked you up on Friends Reunited before you even Dating tips for lonely guys. Happy Hour is her favourite time of day. Looking for a new wardrobe, jewellery and a few weekends away before she dumps you for a year-old Adonis.

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She'll be forever showing you pictures of fluffy kittens on her mobile phone and, on your first date, will have given pet names to all your fingers before the main course arrives. Brace yourself for a world of cup-a-soups and novelty toilet roll holders.

Welcome to a world of slamming doors, smashed crockery and huffy silences.

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That's what a lonely-heart agency told Sarah. On the UK High Street it's a completely different story.

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My whole social life had changed. Sarah with a man who was not her "Mr Right" But I worried that any potential boyfriends would find out how old I was and just hear the sound of ticking ovaries.

Countless times I left events in despair, thinking: The pressure started to mount. I went speed-dating, online-dating, wine-tasting dating, quiz-dating and dinner-dating. Woe betide you if you don't notice she's had her hair cut or that she's wearing new shoelaces.

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But everyone who's ever dated online knows personal profiles can be a minefield - too often a tall, dark, handsome millionaire turns out to be a short, fat, ugly geek. There's more chance of winning the Lottery on a double rollover week than there is of being a woman over 35 and getting a date on the internet.

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I missed having someone special in my life — someone to look forward to seeing at the end of a long day, someone to Online dating sites flirchi up to.

Some attempts were more successful than others: