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It has great tone and plenty of volume.

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Does the tube rectification even look like Vox factory job, where they likely would have used the usual rectifier mounting hole, which they still left to amps that used silicon rectifiers. This is the most popular guitar EQ ever made and for good reason — they sound excellent and are impervious to problems.

It's more power than any right thinking guitarist would ever want. You can see the difference in this comparison pic.

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Sounds good amplified as well, with control wheels for volume and tone just inside the soundhole. If you're looking for the natural, mild overdrive of a tube amp that preserves your guitar's original tone - plus a clean boost which lets the original sound of your amplifier shine through - this is your pedal.

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These are highly evolved and completely resolved designs. Mine was awith the master volume, ELs and the ulta-snazzy red in standby and green not in standby power lights The ad I saw before purchase stated it was rated at watts!!

It's barely very noticeable except on close inspection.

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It includes your choice of the feather light case pictured, or a clean original Gibson gigbag. I find it compares very well to Dating headhunter non-wood bodies.

Now we have a Tele where the neck pickup has personality and style.

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It's labor intensive and the rejection rate is higher than other finishes. We will resume normal shipping and email on Tues.

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It sounds more natural than an Ovation and even close to a Rainsong, which costs around 4X as much. Other features include a LSR roller nut, staggered height Sperzel locking tuners that eliminate the need for string trees and Schaller locking strap pins.


These basses are fun to play with a comfortable short scale and very lightweight, but the tone is surprisingly good and even if you don't play one all night, it's cool to play for some select songs. I say so long to a very reliable and good friend.

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Very lightweight for this model - only 7 lbs. It was freakin' awesome, and a Marshall killer. The initial setup was surprisingly basic, consisting of only a handful of pedals and the Fender Twin heads.

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There are plenty of octave up fuzz pedals out there, but few of them offer as much raging fuzz tenacity as the SolidGoldFX Formula The original builder used some odd fretboard "wear" so we went ahead and put wear marks in the normal spots so it looks more realistic. It features 3 selectable channels Clean - Drive - More Drive give you a good selection of tones selectable via included footswitch.

I was twelve at the time and a die hard Kiss fan.

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Head, Gears, Strings; Howard Roberts: Also at this location are two k bias feed resistors or at least their should be change the two k resistors to k resistors.

Jensen speaker, 1st week of Does it live up?

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Unlike the Strat Plus that preceded this model, the American Deluxe had more upscale features that distinguished it from the stock Strat. It shared a lot of great memories with me. Baggs Element under-saddle pickup picwith a volume control inside the soundhole, and endpin jack which houses the preamp.