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Kay Bradley kbradley flash. Jesse was born 09 March in Surray county, N. Bertha was 6 at the time of her mother's death.

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If there is a grave for a Roxanne Jenkins with the approximate birth date ofI would appreciate hearing of it and that would give me a lead to search harder in Bell Cty. Also need to know if there is gathering at Old Bowling in the month of June?

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I am wanting any information on this couple that someone might have.

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Is this the same James H. Annie Kirby is buried in Weir TX.

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He moved to Bartlett, Bell Co. Terry Rumore Sun Feb 2 Billie Huffman Tue Jun 3 She was divorced at that time, and had two sons: Despite these challenges, vaccines can usually be sufficiently stabilized for use as medicines through a combination of formulation approaches combined with maintenance of an efficient cold chain manufacturing, distribution, storage and administration.

However, I have seen old photos of her and her mother. Rebekah Lynn Mon Apr 28 JT or Thomas J. My email is devorah mail2.

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However the Death Certificate says Thomas J. Gary Aikens Wed Feb 26 She married Sidney L. Email Last Updated Sep 20, 7: