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If you are really successful at losing weight you make an entire lifestyle change, if you do that, you end up being a slightly different person.

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Fat does not ooze with benevolent disdain, does not crawl with judgment. I do not attach caveats to my love of you. Obese drips from the lips of those who consider their disdain a blessing, a noble gift from a magnanimous benefactor that will end this wretched chapter in this unfortunate body.

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Why the fuck don't these people buy a second seat like they are supposed to? They had pizzas and chicken wings sent to my house every night for a week to try and break me. Only if you stay ashamed.


I am electric with fear, singed by exhaustion. Peter, who is currently writing a book about his amazing weight loss, said: She got cancer, went down to 79 pounds. Even 75 pounds Dating while morbidly obese, I have descended from unthinkably fat to a garden variety sudden death fat.

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And then — only then — I, too, could have body positivity. Because even if you do not believe any of this, you have revealed it to me.

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Underneath all those caveats lies an insidious implication that body positivity is reserved for the pure, the pious, and the strong of heart.

Peter cleared out his cupboards and banned junk food from his diet - as well an enrolling a personal trainer.

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There is a pervasive attitude among the "big boned" of "Give me what I want and give it to me now! I would have never managed to stick to the diet without it - I would have caved.

Before I lost weight most of my activities with my friends centered around or involved food. Her arms and legs became stick like but her stomach was still big, she looked like a very thin pregnant woman before she died. Even if they aren't smoking at the moment they stink to the high heavens.

I know many people who were thin until they took a psychiatric med and then gained a ton of weight and then got diabetes and high cholesterol. Everything you said has the stink of lies clinging to it like dog shit.

Body positivity is only for people who are wrong about the disgustingness of our bodies.