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Their chemistry continues to remain the best thing to happen to this show. Oliver getting acquitted of charges, thanks in double to Human Target. He left the band in March He is addicted to smoking cigarettes as a teenager.

This episode brilliantly focused on the emotional aspects of Oliver Queen when it came to the Green Arrow. No good, as in completely psychotic and needed to be put out of his misery.

Proud shipper and supporter of strong female characters. Oliver is a man that has earned every bit of his hero status which is more than the Newbies could ever say.

And began destroying everyone. This acquittal is so going to come back and bite Oliver in the ass. Felicity the light, Oliver the dark.

His ideal kiss would be under the moonlight on the roof. There was nothing terrifying about him in the slightest.

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And her side is Black Siren. Why the hell do you think he needs an army? It was when Felicity first realized she was in love with Oliver, as she said in this episode.

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He wants to eventually hang up the hood and just live his life with his wife and son. He inspires as a friend.

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Pulling off that kind of redemption — ala Oliver Queen from season 1 to season 2 — takes a lot of thought and understanding when it comes to the character.

So, he will like to pursue all the routine one day. So seeing how the Green Arrow nearly cost Felicity her future with Oliver was difficult to watch on both sides.

They give us hope. Perhaps Felicity putting herself in the line of fire.

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Seriously, how is anyone supposed to be scared of Diaz? Even when you have the Newbies acting like walking jackasses most of the time.

And it was delivered in an emotionally raw moment from Felicity to Dating zayn malik wattpad. Even when Oliver, again, understood when Rene testified that Oliver was the Green Arrow to protect his daughter.

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Zayn is actually bit shy. Brand Endorsements He has no endorsement deals yet. A little louder for those in the back. Oh, how original, Diaz is going after Oliver and the ones he loves.