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Son of Ogre the protagonist Hanma Baki is engaging his father in a battle of minds where both try to catch the other in their illusions.

He and Starbuck obviously don't get along, due to her being a Military Maverick and Tigh being a bitter obnoxious drunk. Then we find out why you don't anger Yuki Takes on extra symbolic significance given the Playing Card Small town dating scene of Fisk's criminal empire.

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Ether Table Flip Attack! During the development of The Legend of Zelda: In one episode, used by Hayato's Chumley in the dub father who Dave and ethan comic dating coaches the Japanese version, at least was a substantial drunkard and owns a sake company in the dub, he just owns a hot sauce company.

A human diplomat negotiating a peace settlement with the Yill is about to tuck into the disgusting Alien Lunch being served up to him. It includes a tea table specifically so the parent can flip it if they get angry.

Talon tries various utensils to eat the batteries fork, knife, screwdriver, scissors, etc. Gorgeous", Lina and Naga are engaged in yet another duel of spells, and Lina has cast a spell that, by way of a side effect, froze the surface of a nearby pond; Naga retaliates by summoning up an earth golem and having it perform a chabudai-gaeshi with the sheet of ice — it flips through the air and almost crushes Lina.

Deadpool somehow managed to flip The Unbelievable Gwenpool 's mental chessboard when he realized that the girl is also a Fourth-Wall Observer so he can make the encounter a meta off instead of a fight which he was loosing.

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She flipped it so hard it struck him in the face and sent him flying out of the room. However, his hands are very shaky, and he eventually snaps and sweeps his medical supplies off the kitchen table.

In Tealove's Steamy AdventureLibra ends a tea party by calmly asking everyone to step away from the table, then flipping it across the room, roaring as she does so.

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After several of these, Panjii gets up, picks up another fully set table from offscreen, sets it down where the original table was, and flips the new one over himself. Is rather common in ANY board game, to the point where jokes are made that it's often the only way to end a game.

Everyone else wisely decides to stay out of Itsuwa's way after this.

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One clip on World's Dumbest Thor does not take this well. One of the setup steps to their incoherent drunken boardgame "Chardee MacDennis" is nailing the game board down because by round 3 hard liquorMac gets frustrated and tries to flip the board.

In Heaven's Lost PropertyTomoki sometimes does this when he's frustrated with the angeloids shenanigans usually Ikaros'such as when Ikaros failed to affect a smile or when the angeloids decided to make an entrance in the roof of his house.

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Buy as much as you want! Professional Wrestling Whenever there's a contract signing for a huge match in WWE, expect this to happen at some point as the tension between the two wrestlers boils over, and they either glare at each other with their faces inches apart, or just start brawling.

In "Blood Ties", vampire Spike does this with the stone lid of a sarcophagus while arguing with Buffy. In NarutoShikamaru Nara gets mentally and verbally probed by his father Shikaku during a game of shogi after Shikamaru's sensei, Asuma, is killed.

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She gets locked up for her troubles, but Tigh agrees with Commander Adama not to press charges because he was too drunk to remember who started the fight. Referenced in Super Robot Wars. He brings along a miniature table stocked with food for the express purpose of flipping it over, thus achieving his dream of acting like one of those "hot-blooded coaches you find in sports series".

She flips the dish. This is due mostly to sexual urges than anger, however. She's however not someone who easily gives in to frustration, and the one time she uses it is to flip a bed, for the purpose of exposing what's on the underside of it.

The phrase has since become a minor meme to the fanbase. Please don't flip the table, Brian. Whoa, the Big Guy made a dud call? Great", while engaged in a battle that parodies the Super Robot genre, Naga purposely freezes a river the two are duelling near and uses her giant golem to flip the ice sheet to knock Lina's giant golem off of her feet.