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Dirty bomb competitive matchmaking. Competitive mode is a joke : dirtybomb

I don't like how the game runs.

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Both games pick a class for a team composition, both games have tanks, more mobile classes, each merc has it's own loadout and reasons to play and not to play. Blizzard know what they are doing with optimization once the game is established. Without more players, matchmaking will still continue to be complete garbage.

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They have more people watching their closed beta streaming than Dirty bomb has had entire players. I don't like the costing structure for pretty much anything in this game.

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I love that even with this grinding type of system, games are fast paced. In saying all of this, There are a couple of games comming up in the new year which I would consider direct competition to Dirty Bomb.

This eliminates at least half of the garbage associated with the player base smurfing, hacking etc Overwatch will have at least times the number of players that Dirty Bomb will ever have. I've still purchased things I wanted when I wanted them, but a perfect example is how stupid the boosters are.

I have a monster rig all up to date and a fiber internet connection, yet I get massive frame-rate drops, random crashes and I have to reboot the game multiple times each night because this game seems to hang onto the RAM it uses and even though I have 32gig, this F2P game thinks it needs all of it.

Or do you guys think the bigger and better company will just crush this game, and it will never recover?

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The major difference is going to be very obvious. I can play any of Blizzards offerings for as long as I wish, and I am fully confident it's not going to use 30gig of RAM for no reason.

Blizzard know what they are doing with pricing, they are the largest gaming company in the world for a reason.

So my question to the forum is this: One example is Blizzards new offering "Overwatch" Whilst graphically Overwatch is very different, the entire concept of having an ability based mercenary First person shooter is obvious in both games. I love that the game forces teams into focusing objectives.

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Will Dirty bomb survive once Overwatch is officially released? It is attached to the account with Blizzard. Will Dirty Bomb still have players next year?

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What do you feel Dirty bomb need to do to ensure it will be able to compete? Overwatch isn't going to be free to play. Last weekend when they opened up the beta to more players, people were getting second matchmaking wait times.

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I don't like how small the player base is.