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Pray for salvation and repentance for Muragan B. I asked if my husband would at least text me or call me while he is out there in the streets, but guess what nothing!!

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I pray that he will go to the library every day to do his studies over there. Sacred Heart of Jesus, hear me, answer my prayers.

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Give him faith and hope that God is with us. I cannot bear to lose her. Update for Spring We pray for health, peace, protection safety for all celebrations this year, Jerusalem, our nation, the world.

I have been there for my husband through thick and thin for 7 plus years. Very important dental surgery today!! May I receive support from my superior quickly. That I will be able to prioritize my work too depending on the urgency.

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Please let all attorneys agree he can come home to me. It has always been just the two of us supporting each other. This happens a lot in the Southwest Region of Alabama.

I cannot bear to think of what will happen without her.

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Please heal me so I can continue to dance. It would be a really great help. Pray the Holy Spirit will guide me in what I need to say to Frank and his family. Mother has left me to sleep on the living room floor.

I pray our faith grows strong and that we grow together. Please pray that my friend Alex from the UK is set free from custody as soon as possible.

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