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Anonymous about 1 month ago Who is that mumu posting they in loveif you see love you no go know am? They sing out loud even when their parents are trying to speak.

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Lovette about 1 month ago Yoruba demon Like this! Brands send Morgan and Megan scores of clothes to wear, pose in and publicize on social media. Two blue on Megan, and one blue, one dark brown on her twin sister, Morgan.

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The lack of warmth. Something sets these North Philadelphia girls apart. He is from a good home with a lot respect. And the twins have an uncle and a great aunt with one blue and one brown eye.

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Anyone care to expand please? If it was real life she will play hard to get but not to that extent.

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Director hubby, the reason she is doing film clearly. Why can't he just stay off the babe case. He see him in the position of a father. Not surprising at all.

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Move on and stop all these unnecessary hate. You are used to fake, abusive and Ill mannered people and so can't tell d difference.


She said she felt sorry for her because she thought that she was actually quite lonely and didn't feel people were genuinely interested in her not just trying to "get something" from her.

All does shouting was about love.

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They played with a dry-erase board, conversed between themselves and even played a short game of hide-and-seek.