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Does naruto ever hook up with sakura, the clear card arc provides examples of:

Naruto gulped and looked at his hands again. Naruto was definitely stronger than him in terms of simple ninjutsu. With a yell Naruto turned on his foot, bringing down his heel on the log in front of him in an axe kick.

Sakura sat next to him, coiling her hair around one finger, eyeing the Uchia coyly. Naruto had made a promise to himself to become powerful to protect himself. The usually dexterous Naruto felt his back hit the dirt and looked up.

This Anime/Manga provides examples of:

Inari dropped to the ground and hugged his knees. Because his eyes were covered by his bangs it was hard for her to gauge his reaction but even Naruto seemed to be worried at this new predicament.

She was a shinobi after all. And sand flew through the air.

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A cry of 'Charge' was heard as the Naruto army charged at the thugs. Naruto fought as only a child could, biting, scratching and slapping. Needless to say almost everyone in the series gets this.

They ducked, dodged, and blocked as many senbon as they could while others found unprotected points and struck hard. Kakashi and Zabuza both felt the raw power from this technique as diagonal cuts appeared in an ice mirror before each layer sliding away as Naruto burst through.

Kakashi felt Zabuza's kick strike his back and felt himself flying into the water before feeling the water hit him in the back. Kakashi's technique was falling downwards, following gravity and with that additional pull his technique pierced through Zabuza's pillar and engulfed the man in ice cold water.

Water Dragon Bullet Technique said Zabuza, finishing his hand seals. Rounding the corner into the kitchen he saw the table upturned and his mum backing away from the two thugs. That happened every single day.

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He cursed and grabbed the blade with both hands, swinging it down towards the blonde who was halfway submerged in the water. Both Chapter and the canon movie The Last: No one ever babied him or asked him if he was ok.

Sakura saw Naruto's arm and leg glow with darkness.

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Sasuke, acting on instant, turned around just in time to see Kakashi being ripped to pieces by chains that were wrapped around him. Sarutobi had spent the better part of his life in politics, working with people who wore smiles like clothing and changed expressions like they changed underwear.

Naruto obeyed without a second thought, grabbing Tazuna on the way down who was too slow to react.

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But his words didn't say he cared about them. When Cis goes berserk because of her damaged programming, her artificial skin burns off, and a freshly re-moralized Sky High destroys the rampaging robot.

This never happened in the manga, where Creed goes into a catatonic state of shock and is never shown getting over Train. When they whispered things to him, calling him things like 'monster,' 'demon,' or 'freak. It's implied she's complicit in his plans because she believes that if he gets his powers back, he'll once again be her beloved brother.

Syaoran has four sisters who suffer from Cuteness Proximity and become Love Freaks in the presence of anything they think looks cute. That was how strong the owner of the sword must have thrown it, a testament to his physical strength and prowess.

You can't just say-" "Shut UP! Haruna suspects this is why Atsu keeps hitting on her. Naruto walked up to eye patch, who was still clutching his extremities. The clone grunted and lifted the sword with one hand covering his eye with the other. And he'd said her name.

He ignored it, as if that was something that happened to him every day, and kept on walking.

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