Valve, Your Matchmaking Sucks Valve, Your Matchmaking Sucks

Dota 2 matchmaking sucks, valve, your matchmaking sucks

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What made it unbearable was that votekick did not exist and people would make accounts to grief - I had a scout sit in invis after buying 2 scarabs and sit in the lane the entire game his reasoning was that s2 wouldn't fix it if he didn't do this.

The range was insanely large then, but got readjusted frequently.

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I think I was matched with s - which is what we're at again. TLO's euro account because it was taking them hours to find games. On matchmaking in hon - HoN has had large matchmaking algorithm overhauls.

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The range they allow is ridiculous - with happens naturally now. Solo matchmaking being the only option for a team game is a little sad.

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That's not such a bad rating, and this means that someone that Dota 2 matchmaking sucks never played the game could be in the same team as someone up to the s. The problem with the second solution would be that getting someones MMR right in only a few games is much harder in a 5v5 game than in a 1v1 game like SC2, but if they could make it work it would be awesome.

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MMR in HoN also takes a while to adjust, so this can take a while. The problem with the first solution would be good people starting over.

Then there was a period where they loosened it up a bit - probably between max and min. See, the thing about it is that this happens even in SC2 if the skill level on a server is too low as came into focus when someone borrowed I think The first period was during beta where matchmaking was used by no one and only for solo play.

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This is more why the game sucks for new players - there's no placement system Friday night lights cast dating new players, no easily understood tier list akin to the kind used by sc2. I think one of the problems in HoN is that you start at If the game is not F2P, that wouldn't be such a big deal, and using a formula where the MMR adapts much faster in your first games could help with it.

Then TMM was realized and there was a period where they had the algorithm far too tight - also when someone failed to load they would try and replace them in the queue with a suitable replacement But as sc2 has a much large population it is a much rarer occurrence - there were probably less than people on earth above mmr in hon at this point it may have been a very low number since many people above had multiple accounts.

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Of course they would drop fairly fast, but until they hit the bottom of the pool they would play with a lot of people with higher ratings. I believe players should either start near the bottom or there should be some sort of qualification matches like in SC2.