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Massive DNA results are rolling in.

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However, these lithics became the basis for stone hammers and chisels. Even rice and maize were transplanted by ancient Chinese around the world.

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Enlisting the help of an strong team, they managed to get a 10ft statue walking by pulling it side to side with three hemp ropes - one tied to the back to stop it dropping face-first and two on either side.

None were left standing by the time of the arrival of the French missionaries in the s. This map shows the locations of the moai statues which are littered across Easter Island Professor Lipo and Terry Hunt, an archaeologist at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, tested the hypothesis with a life-size concrete model of one of the statues.

The suggestion of cannibalism was also an old ploy by Christian missionaries — and used in many other islands — both to convince the Polynesians that their own culture was abhorrent, and to convince outsiders that that the natives desperately needed conversion to Christianity.

All of the desert regions you mentioned appear to have had, at one time, contained advanced civilizations involved in a nuclear war. Many of these ancient nations are now either desert wastelands, swallowed by thick jungle or literally at the bottom of some ocean.

I bought your on-line book and have lost interest because there are no photographs of your explorations. The middle-period busts clearly evolved from a local prototype and have no counterpart elsewhere.

All those tunnels you wrote about. But the research showed that the inhabitants maintained a mixed seafood, plant and animal diet pictured Experts used isotope analyse left to study human, animal and plant remains taken around the 15th Century, toward the end of the island's occupation.

Winters are relatively mild.

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Through the interpretation of Hitihiti, Cook learned the statues commemorated their former high chiefs, including their names and ranks. There are three Rano freshwater crater lakesat Rano KauRano Raraku and Rano Aroinear the summit of Terevaka, but no permanent streams or rivers.

They show that around half of the protein in the islander's diets a came from marine sources right This suggests the Rapa Nui population had extensive knowledge of how to overcome poor soil fertility, improve environmental conditions, and create a sustainable food supply. Fallen angels and technology As Benny Peiser points out in this paperfish supplies were abundant, and reports from early European explorers that the islanders were thin and miserable-looking are highly contradictory others report that they lived in comparative luxury.

Where did the Creator come from? This was photographed by the island's manager, Mr. From the script you have given, it is clear that this person travelled the world in an easterly direction. The animal life on land was otherwise restricted to a very few species of isopods an order of crustaceansspiders, insects, worms, a snail, and a centipede.

Rectifications in radiocarbon dating have changed almost all of the previously posited early settlement dates in Polynesia.

For the Easter Islanders were indeed subject to a genocide — but it did not come from within. Too old to start in archaeology?

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The latter, tired of toiling for the former, all but exterminated them in a pyre along an ancient ditch at Poike on the far northeastern coast.

These objects were thus dated at thousands of years. Many have been found and explored for long distances. Easter island statues carbon dating radiometric dating simply? The very Ashley and michael dating maps show evidence of high technology and mapping techniques, of a complete globe that was known to be spherical.

But it seems possible. The URL where you can get it is: Homelessness prevailed with many living underground. In the steppe areas of the island, the vegetation consists mostly of species of Stipa and Nassella.

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Hundreds of these sailors settled throughout the US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia long before the white man set foot in those countries. Altruism leads to death.