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The figure is To find out, my firm performed an optimization procedure to find out what WLI percentage rate-of-change period yields a model that best blends the three performance metrics discussed previously.

So your optimization technique has to find the trigger that gives the best blend of these three metrics.

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That hits most seasoned investors and clients we have revealed this to right between the eyes. That is why statistical models for dating recessions using co-incident indicators are generally more ACCURATE in pinpointing exact start and end dates of recession.

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Department of the Treasury. There is no guarantee Utah county dating ideas out-of-sample performance will match that of prior in-sample performance.

So your optimization technique has to find the trigger that gives the best blend of these three metrics. Conversely, this means it had an error rate of 9.

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The model calls recession when more than four indicators are in recession territory and then calls the end of recession when the number of indicators in recession falls below 3. ECRI based its prediction on a host of its own internal long-leading indexes, together with its widely followed weekly leading index WLI.

They were not designed to.

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Retrieved 8 May The result is below: If the first method, using the WLI growth computed by ECRI, is flagging recession, then you can treat it is a valid warning but subject to false positives. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives.

How are you to trust a system if it has a history of making wrong calls?

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The Conference Board has announced extensive benchmark revisions to its LEI, which are supposed to improve its ability to detect economic cycle turning points. The latest level is above where it was at the start of the last recession.

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If we include the and recessions, then the analysis tells us the stock market peaks 7. We've exceeded the previously longest stretch between highs, which was from February to April As far as other monthly leading indexes go, as of January 2, the e-forecasting.

Grant's Interest Rate Observer. The result is below: But it also generated 12 distinct false positives, wrong calls rendering the methodology all but useless.

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Also inGeoffrey H. Both these methods have extremely powerful recession dating prowess and although they appear similar performance-wise there are however nuances with lead and lags into and out of recession. This is always a risk factor you need to factor in on any recession call no matter how confident you are in a signal.

We show the performance of the Diffusion Index below for the last two recessions — as you can see the index fell from 2 to 1 last week when the eLEI fell rather sharply out of recession territory, leaving just the WLI calling recession. There are still a worrying four false positives.

A Stealth Slowdown

To time recessions with an LEI, one needs to de-trend the time series by deriving a rate-of-change oscillator from it and then make recession calls when this oscillator pivots around a threshold. Of course, co-incident indicators will never offer lead warning as leading indicators do.

Reddit Advisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. This seems intuitive, but is it really true? Many analysts dismiss the usefulness of co-incident indicators in recession dating, with the notion that by the time you realize its recession with co-incident indicators, the horse has bolted.