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After Mercer left in to join Ken Mantell's Wild West Wrestling promotion, Lowrance returned to the broadcast position, where he would remain until resigning to become a minister in July Nicaraguan government declares state of emergency.

Traveling around the world as stars of the World Wrestling Federation in the early s, The Undertaker often traveled with his on-screen manager because it helped protect his mysterious gimmick. Alvaro Arzu Irigoyan Parsons, who lost the match, managed to grab the infamous Freebird Hair Cream used as a plot device in earlier matches as a fictional hair remover and rub the contents onto Roberts' head.

In that match, Adams used a piledriver on the Warrior, and somehow the force of the piledriver hit Adams' throat; which had been hit earlier due to interference by manager Percy Pringle during a pre-match altercation.


Holy Savior of the World: During the ceremony, she suffers from nosebleed and starts seeing glimpses of a ghostly flower girl. Frank Dusekwho served as the special referee, was also lit up with the baseball bat and piledriven by Young during the melee.

Looking for some escape, she aims to join an all-girl gang which first requires her to undergo a sexual rite.

Afterwards, he unmasked to reveal himself as Chris Adams, which proved to be a turning point in Adams' tenure in World Class; elevating him from mid-card to main-event status.

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This would eventually evolve into a new angle that would bring a return to sellout crowds to the Sportatorium for the first time in over six months: The skulls placed as trophies on his desk. The angle, developed by Embry and Adams, was brought about when Adams and Embry blamed each other for two significant losses in tag team matches, including one during a tag team tournament between Billy Travis and Gary Young.

In flames, bombed by SS Men Erich gonzales dating history ByCalaway was able to pursue wrestling full-time. They supported civilian dictators who used the military to repress efforts to organize workers.

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Citrus production has become a major industry along the Hummingbird Highway. Various wrestlers such as Matt Borne then stomped and spit on it. Clines sentenced to 16 months for evading taxes on income from operations.

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Among the famous incidents that occurred during this angle include Embry being hit with a baseball bat by Akbar, Cactus Jack and Gary Young in a mask as The Zodiac during an April battle against Akbar; both of whom were hiding under the Sportatorium ring for some three hours. US aids government World Book Francisco Flores Perez After an altercation with a rival gang, Boy Golden is presumed to be dead but he makes a return with vengeance in mind.

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Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg no tariff. As Helen goes to the crash site, she dies in a bus accident. Chris Adams and his superkick or Kabuki and his thrust kick. Sandanista Government vs National Guard: Embry, who became the promotion's booker and lead babyface, was originally offered a contract by Skandor Akbar to join Devastation Inc.

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Eventually Kevin stormed the ring to save both Kerry and Fritz. Adams won with a small package when interference from Rude's manager Percy Pringle backfired.

The Freebird-Von Erich rivalry was one of the most violent feuds in modern-day wrestling history, and continued off-and-on for much of the decade; Parsons, Adams, "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and members of Skandor Akbar 's Devastation Inc.

Promoter Max Andrews suspended Kerry for his actions, but no time frame was given as to how long he was suspended.