[Essay] Why do people work? [Essay] Why do people work?

Essay on people at work. Work and career essays

It is the same sense of responsibility and pride in serving the humankind that propels the doctors to serve the people without looking at their watches. But it is still our social stigma to weight a person based on their profession.

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For an hour or two he watched the trees and lakes of Finland out of the window. Meanwhile, we are helped and encouraged.

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This process of specialisation has developed over many years as productive tasks have been broken down into stages with specialists employed at each stage. Even in a social gathering the treatment given to a so-called executive is totally contrast to that of an ordinary low profile truck driver.

Another important reason that makes people look for job is to understand the importance of producing property and avoid wastefulness.

With the information technology which is the most human resource dependent industry growing at an exorbitant rate, Human resource managers have a tough time to understand what is really needed to retain the cream of talents in their organization.

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Theoretically short tasks accumulate and from every 5 minute spent on each of them it gets to 2 hours every day. He was happy about that. They may need to work to increase the Essay on people at work income, but they may also wish to work in order to satisfy other needs, such as challenge, social relationships and a feeling of self-worth.

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Work gives us wisdom. This can help them to cut the costs and make savings.

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In a full time work mode 8 hours are reduced to only 6. However, it is only one of the numerous important purposes of working, and oftentimes there is a lot of benefits that people obtain from working without even consciously realizing them.

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Besides earning money, people also work for many important purposes, including to be aware of their duties, to steer clear from wastefulness, and to stay lively and active. They said doing these things made them remain active and healthy, and going to college gave them the liveliness of a twenty five year old teenager.

[Essay] Why do people work?

Through working, people learn how to be responsible, first to themselves, then to their families and the society. At midnight the train stopped at the small station of Otava.

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