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We are also the only literary journal that produces video trailers for every issue! Actively plugged into their local scenes, our editors-at-large are continually deepening their knowledge of local literature by forging partnerships with literary institutions and bringing exciting new discoveries to the table.

And what does it have to do with translation or world literature? For certain pieces, recordings of the text read aloud in the original language, oftentimes by the author, are accessible from the right-hand column of the page. For more information on potential journal partnerships, read this blog post about our partnership with Fleurs des Lettres.

We advocate for translators in many other ways, not least through our translation contests, which require us to undertake fundraising, in addition to promoting and administering the contest. Are all of your pieces translated only into English?

While it's true that we primarily publish written work, we also host audio recordings of texts in their original language whenever possible. What distinguishes Asymptote in a literary landscape saturated with online journals?

Just select the language from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner to see all of the work we have ever published in that language. Where can I find Asymptote on social media?

One of our founding goals has always been to challenge the English-centered flow of information. We also offer promotional packages related to Translation Tuesdayleveraging our partnership with The Guardian Books Network, as well as advertising space in our blog and fortnightly newsletter.

Should we eventually receive funding allowing us to cover operating costs, hire an accountant, and pay our staff members and contributors, we will certainly do so, and in that order.

However, if you've got a fantastic piece of fiction, poetry, drama or criticism that deserves to find readers in English, the answer is How Flower dating agency cyrano sub espanol I listen to a piece read aloud in its original language? How do I search for work by genre?

What can I find in Asymptote's newsletter? How do I search by language? How do I subscribe to the Asymptote newsletter?

How can I pitch a new feature for your fortnightly newsletter? I have an idea for a possible blog post or column. You can access the current issue's entire table of contents by scrolling down our main page www.

How has the money raised so far been utilized, and how will my donation be used? To submit your work, design a cover for the magazine boldly stamped with your aesthetic following these guidelines: I am looking for work by a specific translator or author, but don't recall the issue in which the contributor appeared.

You can access all past issues by clicking Archive to the rightmost of these menus. Its aura is that of excitement. Cosmopolitan and generous in the deepest sense. I don't do social media. If selected, you will be given about 8 weeks to provide 14 to 18 artworks to accompany 14 to 18 articles.