Albert S. Osborn, 1st President of the ASQDE Albert S. Osborn, 1st President of the ASQDE

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If possible, collect the entire item with the hair on it and let the laboratory remove the hairs. An impression visible to the naked eye.

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Because of the random manner in which hand stippling is applied, it is unique to that specific mold. An impression of an unknown footwear or tire located and recovered from a crime scene.

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If questioned hair is found to exhibit the same gross and microscopic physical characteristics as are present in the known hair sample, then the source of the known sample could be the source of the questioned hair.

Turner, be it a purely academic study, in depth research, full forensic analysis, Forensic ink dating scrutiny and inquiry, or as with most cases, all these areas of study, it is essential to learn if the project is viable and more importantly, actually possible that it may be provable in the final analysis.

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A globule of air trapped within a solid material such as a footwear sole. This is the highest degree of association expressed in footwear and tire impression examinations. He, more than any other document examiner who preceded him, was responsible for placing questioned document work on a scientific basis.

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So with artist attributions, it is essential to examine this issue first and foremost. Label manufacturer's sizing label: Repeat the above process for the right palm, the back of the left hand, and the left palm of the suspect's hands.

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An impression that has resulted from the removal of a substance from a substrate by a footwear outsole or tire tread. The distance between the center points of the tires from one side of the vehicle to the other i.

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This process proved to be of tremendous value to these document examiners. To achieve the best laboratory results, samples suspected of containing ignitable liquid residue should always be collected and packaged into an evidence can in a way that permits volatiles to migrate and Forensic ink dating in the head space.

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These irregular edges are randomly acquired characteristics. Used to form the plies of the tire. Joseph Mallord William Turner, R. If the container is breakable, wrap it carefully and mark it "Fragile.

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