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At the time of the Bell family's departure from the UK, Alexander Graham's health was threateningly poor, with "a chest condition Jenny also played the melodeon and sang for at least one of Alexander Graham's telephone demonstrations.

At the time of its donation he was living there as a widower along with his daughter, his wife having died the previous December.

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David Fairchild and J. Bell Canada additionally built a caretaker's house on the site and helped finance other renovations and commemorative projects.

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The family's youngest son Edward had similarly died of tuberculosis three years earlier, and during their departure from the British Isles their middle son Alexander Graham now appeared to be faltering from the same disease.

The Homestead's curator, Mr.

Melville House was the name given to his home by the elder Bell, and which was used on the letterhead of his stationery, reading in full: He would relax, think, and " Nevertheless Alexander Graham much later declared that this was the first one-way long distance call "of several miles", but noted it was "the first transmission at a distance, but it was not the first reciprocal conversation over a line.

That was held in Boston on 9 October Many musical celebrations were held at the homestead during the family's residence, including a "musical orgy" lasting two to three days.

History[ edit ] The Bell Homestead period began with the arrival of the Bell family in the summer of from their native Scotland, where two Beta analytic radiocarbon dating their sons had died of tuberculosis and their middle son, Alexander Graham Bellwas additionally stricken and being consumed by disease.

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Just as bizarre is the stuffed duck-billed platypus which sits in the study among the books and telephone wires. The Henderson Home, which had served as Canada's first telephone business office in downtown Brantford, was later moved to the site in and renovated extensively in[4] to convert it into a separate telephone museum under the principal sponsorship of the county's largest telephone carrier, Bell Canada.

She was presented with a gift antique daffodil phone after being further greeted by Brantford native Ron JohnsonM.

However, Walter Griffin, the Dominion Telegraph manager, decided to attach the telegraph line to a battery to see if it would improve the transmission, which it did, and "the voices then came in distinctly.

Further donations from Bell family descendants also included books, china, paintings, [29] [33] a silver tea service that was a wedding gift to Alexander Graham and his bride Mabel Bella gold candy dish that was a wedding present to the elder Bells, Melville's walnut shaving stand and Mabel's favourite wing chair.

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Initially David Bell's voice couldn't be heard distinctly as " The farmhouse and its farmland were acquired for preservation as a museum in Snow stated to an assembly of more than a hundred "This simple frame structure, less than years ago, was the cradle of the telephone business McIntyre and Thomas Brooks, [12] he tacked the stovepipe wire some metres a half mile along the top of fence posts from his parent's home to a junction point on the Mount Pleasant telegraph line, which joined that community to the Dominion Telegraph office in Brantford.

The principal building at the site is Alexander Melville Bell's farmhouse, Melville House, along with its related greenhouse conservatory, outbuildings and fruit orchard.

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Henderson faithfully served Melville's company from untilwhen he became an employee of the Bell Telephone Company of Canada later Bell Canada at their Montreal headquarters.