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The undersea 8 magnitude quake created small tsunamis which reached Hawaii, the coast of California and Japan within hours. They were wide cut and often pleated with an A-line so that horse riding became more comfortable.

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He held this title jointly with Tupua Tamasese Lealofi until the latter's death in Enlarge Race against time: The term kaunakes, which originally referred to a sheep's fleece was later applied to the garment Dating think like a man. You won't have to pay in order to find your perfect partner.

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Many died after being crushed by debris swirling in the floodwaters. There is a difference in the way a dhoti and lungi is worn.

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Bestowal of the highly reverential title "Malietoa" marked a period in Samoan history. Everyone just started running inland towards the hills, running for our lives. The umanori type has divided legs, similar to diverted skirts and pantskirts.

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A resident called Adi told Indonesia's Metro Television in the minutes after the first quake that there was devastation around him. A satellite image shows moments after a tsunami wave hit Pago Pago village on the island of American Samoa Tsunami waves approach American Samoa's Tafuna International Airport in Pago Pago A layer of mud and sand covered many shattered buildings and boats and cars hung from trees, as survivors scavenged the debris.

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Archaeology in Samoa Archeologists place the earliest human settlement of the Samoan archipelago at around years before present. The islands were divided among the three powers in the s, And between the United States and Germany in The hakama is everyday attire for Shinto kannushi priests who perform services at shrines.

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The waves hit early in the morning, almost without warning, leaving many villagers little chance to outrun waters Free samoan men dating metres feet inland. It was traditionally worn in battle by Sikh warriors as it allowed free movement and remains a part of the traditional Sikh dress and identity.

This led to some Samoan citizens petitioning in January for transfer to U.

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Other Samoan folklore tells of the arrival of two maidens from Fiji who brought the tools necessary to create the art of tatau, or in English tattoowhence came the traditional Samoan malofie also known as pe'a for men and as malu for women. A blue lavalava is the official skirt for the police officers uniform of Samoa.

InDutchman Jacob Roggeveen was the first European to see the islands.