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Subverted by Matt Saracen's dad. In this season, his irresponsible, headstrong, but lovable brother again entices Tim into another wrong choice by convincing Tim that the only way they can make any money is by transforming their newly opened garage into a chop shop. Coach Taylor has a speech about this, saying he learns as much from his players as they do from him.

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The culmination of their hard work Executive dating service nyc tested in their last game of the season as they play the Dillon Panthers led by J.

Lyla's father cheated on her mother and squandered her college funds in shady business deals. They are so fun!!

Julie's college experience is nothing like she imagined, and after she experiences a difficult situation involving her history TA, she is forced to take a good look at what she wants.

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Parents find out about this and led by Luke's mother, seek Mrs. Billy and Mindy's wedding ends the season. Friday Night Lights season 1 Season one revolves around two main events: Gaius Charles played Brian "Smash" Williamsthe cocky running back and star of the team.

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The show also deals with some weightier, more controversial issues, including underage drinking, racial tensions, murder, abusive relationships, and the serious risks involved in playing contact sports -- all of which are relevant to and will probably interest a lot of older middle schoolers and high schoolers.

Friday Night Lights season 5 Season 5, the final season, opens with summer wrapping up in Dillon: Living history displays will take place from 9am-4pm. Friday Night Lights season 3 The season began with Coach Taylor failing to lead the Panthers to another State championship the year before, creating new pressure for him.

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It starts as the story of the Dillon Panthers, a very successful football team in a town with little else to talk about. Supporting characters who also returned include: Some of the characters are very similar to the ones in the Film. Whenever the team is about to turn the tide, the electric guitars start up.

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However, Smash punches a white teenager who sexually harasses his sister when they're at the movies. This episode garnered much buzz online and resulted in a failed campaign for Zach Gilford to get an Emmy nomination in the guest actor category; however, the episode did get an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series.

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Smash Williams, who injured his knee during the previous year's playoffs, rediscovers his love for the game. Tensions reach a boiling point during the first game of the season. Unlike the football powerhouse Panthers, the Lions stink.

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