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Gcse chemistry coursework rates of reaction sodium thiosulphate, learn more

This minimum amount of energy which reacting particles must possess to reaction is called the activation energy.

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I predict that doubling the surface area will double the speed of the reaction. If you have decided, for example, to investigate the effect of acid concentration on the speed of a reaction, then everything else should be kept constant for a fair test, and this should be obvious in your plan for the reasons discussed above!

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This might have occurred for several different reasons, such as the fact that the temperature control might not have been exactly the same or that my judgement of when the cross may have disappeared might not have been exactly the same for each one. I think that both concentration and energy are proportional because: The kinetic theory explains to us that heat energy causes the particles in a liquid and gas to move around more rapidly, therefore creating more energy will result in this energy being used to break old bonds and to form new bonds.

This means that the particles will collide more frequently into each other and the rate of the reaction will increase because there are more reactions per second. I am, however due to my line of enquiry, going to change the temperature of the solution.

Often one of the possible weaknesses in an experiment such as this is that the different concentrations of acid are often made up inaccurately. If you are looking at changing the reaction temperature, its not easy to accurately vary and control the temperature of the reactants without a thermostated water bath to hold the reaction flask in.

Your teacher will have a good idea what to expect and you must be able to justify all your write-up. Some photochemical reactions need the continual presence of light while others only require light to initiate them.

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Furthermore I will be careful not to spill anything and will take extra care when doing the experiment. It explains to us that the rate of reaction depends on the amount of times the reacting particles collide with each other and how hard they collide into.

I will keep everything constant apart from the variable I am changing-temperature. The collision theory states that for a reaction to take place between reacting particles ions, molecules or atoms it is necessary that they collide.

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Here I recognise that degrees centigrade are not the most preferable units as 40 degrees doesn't give double the energy to 20 degrees. Similarly the use of a catalyst complicates things, and if used incorrectly could alter the outcome of the experiment. If we have any contact with a chemical, the part that has made contact should be washed immediately.

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If temperature isn't a variable, it must be kept constant. Light is a form of energy and it causes many chemical reactions to take place. There are two ways to measure the rate of a reaction: I shall stop the watch when it is no longer possible to see the cross.

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As more sulphur is formed, less light can get through the solution and reach the sensor. The more frequently particles collide, and the greater the proportion of collisions with enough energy, the greater the rate of reaction. I shall allow the reaction to take place for 60 seconds.

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This is because as the temperature increases, the reactant particles move more quickly. And this yellow substance of sulphur will eventually make the cross disappear. In his reaction the concentration of sodium thiosulphate is varied and the time for a given mass of sulphur to form recorded.

Therefore, I will make sure that I only change the temperature of the reaction mixture and keep the volume and concentration of the sodium thiosulphate, the volume and concentration of hydrochloric acid and the pressure of all the mixtures the same.

In addition to this, more particles have activation energy. Particles must also have a sufficient amount of energy to react. If you haven't already chosen the VARIABLE, do so now, and make a prediction and justify it with some theory which you may have previously described and should Speed dating near bedford to.