Actual examples of women's good and bad online dating profiles! Actual examples of women's good and bad online dating profiles!

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I am a very hard worker and love my job. Non smoking and health-conscious. Relocating for the right person is definitely an option. Did I really listen? Dustin and Mike are spot on.

Was I being a smart ass? I have little patience for flakes and fake people — those who smile while being angry on the inside, as I never know what they keep up their sleeve.

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The year-old Manhattanite recently posted a personal ad to Craigslist in an attempt to get one step closer to a "warm male mensch. So after a grueling 17 years in the online dating world, Ellen decided to get back to basics. The rest is negotiable.

Awkward situations provide some important lessons about human nature.

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What makes any female dating profile great is the fact that it stands out from the rest of the profiles on any given online dating site. She has high-maintenance looks with a down-to-earth attitude, values, and personality. While I don't think finding love on the Internet has the negative connotation it used to, there are still plenty of skeptics -- and to those skeptics I say: I am willing to entertain any reasonable offer.

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She has actually been a fan of Craigslist for years. Someone to remember the days with, and to grow with. It is free of fluff and very compelling for a guy who can appreciate this type of no-nonsense attitude in a person: I learned a lot from them and I am so glad our lives intersected, even if only for a few weeks or a few months at a time.

I made myself a promise a few years ago to take a vacation somewhere new, out of state, every year. I see a bit of mystery as a good thing, no a great thing.

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Life is meant for 2!! Finally something somewhat interesting that she says about herself. It's clear what this guy's about and I delete it. Are they in the witness protection program? Ellen says she likely "won't be trying Tinder.

I would really love to see Europe.

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Another issue with playing it safe and trying to Good online dating ads a wide net is that you force the girl to switch her screening process over to depend more heavily on superficial things like looks, height etc.

We keep ourselves a mystery partly because women like that and partly because we are afraid we might say something about ourselves that will make a woman judge us and never even wish to meet us.

Ellen might not have found her Craigslist Prince Charming yet, but she does have three dates lined up at the moment — dates she's already spoken to on the phone and will meet for the first in a public place during the day to ensure safety.

And even on that college campus, finding suitable people to date wasn't always a breeze. But how real are you, and how content are you with your real you?

I bet they would be worth meeting! What happened to the Top Secret profiles? Good online dating ads believe that sarcasm is a spice of life.