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Production[ edit ] The CW officially renewed the series for a fifth season on April 26, The second half of the season reveals the impact of Bart's death, causing a significant change of character direction for Chuck that subsequently leads to the growth of Rufus and Lily's relationship, the revelation of the two having a son together, and contributing to the decline of Dan and Serena's relationship.

John Shea reprised his role as Harold Waldorf during a Thanksgiving episode and becomes entangled in Blair's striving ambition of attending Yale. Serena pursues a relationship with someone older and who happens to have a year-old daughter, Sage who will do anything to try to split them up.

Meanwhile at the Shephard divorce party, Serena and Dan have sex, but when Dan learns she videotaped their encounter just to hurt Blair, he furiously leaves.

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Back in New York, Dan learns that Vanessa has published one chapter of his novel, and Blair continues to plan her wedding to Louis, and she also learns she is pregnant. Penn Badgley who played Dan, stated in an interview that he himself found it funny that they had decided to make him be Gossip Girl as there were too many loopholes in the show for this to make sense.


While Gossip Girl is drawing fans in with its plot twists, the show also attracts many of them to visit New York, contributing to our incredible Problems erupt between Dan and Serena, since Serena tries to hide her secret from him and Georgina pretending to be Sarah manipulates Dan. Also, the surprise return of cousin Charlie will threaten to destroy the van der Woodsen family.

CW ignored these requests and announced that it was going to air the episode as planned.

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Jenny reignites her rebellious nature by pursuing a career as a fashion designer, thereby challenging Rufus' skills as a parent while Dan's friendship with Nate and relationship with Serena slowly transforms him from a social outcast to an insider.

It turns out Serena returns from Boarding School to see her suicidal brother, Eric. The season ends dramatically with Chuck getting robbed and shot.

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Head of Warner Bros. The network has not responded to criticism regarding the usage of the footage. The series' th episode focused on Blair's wedding to prince Louis. Georgina's return reminds Serena of the real reason she left the Upper East Side.

The second half of the season builds on the complications of Serena's new found relationship with her former teacher Colin, Chuck trying to regain control of Bass Industries from Russell Thorpe Michael Boatmanand Dan and Blair's growing friendship.

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Kaylee DeFer was upgraded to series regular status, while Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr exited the show, though they were both invited back as guest stars. The following week, there was a further drop in viewership, with only 0.

Cultural influence[ edit ] [Schwartz and Savage] were spearheading: Actress Kristen Bell, the narrator of the series during all seasons makes a cameo as herself but is not revealed as Gossip Girl.

Nate begins an affair with an older woman, Diana Payne, who may have an ulterior motive for being with Nate.

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Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta made a cameo in season 5 finale. Footage containing the World Trade Center have been omitted by films and TV shows such as Sex and the City and The Sopranos to honor individuals who died in the attacks.

Nate asks Lola to move in with him, but she turns him down when she tells him that her acting group is going on tour. After realizing she still had feelings for Chuck, Start dating again after 40 and Chuck decide to go away together, but their car crashes.

Due to the show's pedigree as an adaptation of The New York Times bestselling novel series, the show was considered to be one of the more anticipated new shows of the — television season.

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We find out that Dan had confessed his love for Vanessa in the past, but the two move beyond this as friends, considering Dan is now with Serena. Chuck has a newfound philosophy and says "yes" to everything, even death defying stunts.

I'm very proud of it.

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Gossip Girl season 6 On May 11,it was announced Gossip Girl would return for a shortened sixth and final season, which premiered on October 8, Elsewhere, Lily chooses to annul her marriage to Rufus, since her marriage to Bart is still valid.