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Consult the balance of your credit card and savings account Consultation available on your credit card and savings account Consultation of the last three movements of your credit card and savings account Update data "Conocerte" to receive personalized offers to your preferences If you want to know more about our products and services visit the following link: This paper applies argument visualization tools to selected examples of health product commercial ads to work up analyses that reveal interesting aspects of the structure of arguments used in the ads, by Douglas Walton, Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation and Rhetoric, University of Windsor, PDF:: For optimal performance it is important to have activated and updated application "Android WebView System".

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It allows you to modify, delete, view details and share the recorded files in a quick way. Youtube, Servicios de Internet Source: An educational film by Daniel Kuglich and Benjamin Madeira.

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Parallel commercials for persuasive text examples include: Get your shoes on! Voice Recorder is a voice recording application to store your recordings as voice memos and share them with friends.

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Persuasive Ads - Photo: Structures commonly found in the examples are argumentation schemes, standardized forms of reasoning representing stereotypical kinds of arguments Walton, Reed and Macagno, [[Walton, ] Douglas Walton. What is the BEST tablet ever?

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Easy voice recorder is a free application that store your own voice memos. From the chat screen, ABI Atlantis will give you the ease of: If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us at the following email: What evidence is used to defend the position?

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Journal of Applied Logic, 6: In the larger sense, what is being suggested by the different ads? This is an application required by Google for Operating System Version 5.

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