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To satisfy a woman is manly a thing of the mind and the chemistry between the partners Yves creativity is everything! THAT is the issue. If men started to protest about the rights to have an normal sized penis a lot of these women would crawl back into the porn infested reality that they came from.

Sylvia Halpert This was a beautiful documentary. Awake This hurts to watch, simply because. The girls outside of the bar were just whores. If people talk about it they tend to lie about their own size or experiences. Emasfem15 great job- thank you for being open about such a sensitive subject.

I have to say that as a man watching this it did open up my perspectives in regard to accepting me and body in general as it is and not just my penis.

My goodness, men certainly are touchy about their own bodies and critical about womens.

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Now it is understandable that emotions can influence how women respond to certain things that still no excuse and often women contradict themselves in what they say and how they act, but if men showed the same level of disrespect and insensitivity to a womans vagina or any other body part and throw up ridiculous comparisons in the same manner a lot of women do to a mans penis so publicly, we would have a lot more feminists and rights activists and man bashers than we do today and even more telling would be the rise of vagina reconstruction surgery or some kind of miracle Miff dating. Why the hell should anybody feel bad about their own god damn bodies?

Werewolf Laura Chandler All you fellas raging at the girls at the Hats off to you mate for being a big enough man to face your fears and overcome them.

She is saying it means nothing to her. Furthermore, I think the number of guys that are critical of their own appearance are increasing in number constantly.

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PK However Laura, can you really compare a pair of boobs to a penis? It takes courage to face something that has become an issue that our culture will hardly even realize, let alone talk about!

Just love the girl. Your comments as well…. Damn you, porn stars, for ruining it for normal men! Those pissed tarts dont know anything. Lisa I happen to be good friends with a group of men, and being in that group Young women live dating do hear about the way they talk about women behind their backs, and yes they do talk critically about the size of breasts.

Not saying all women fall into the the same categories but most women are incredibly cynical and are completely oblivious to how insensitive they can be towards men.

As a women I must say that the way he went about making this was beautiful and important. Annie I have to agree about the boob comments. I wonder how often you have commented with abandon on the size, shape, firmness and bounce of a girls tits?

Asasdas Those girls around the 23rd minute are drunk and stupid. What we say is average for ourselves is just that and no one can tell us any different. And the ones that say that size does not matter.

At least men get to determine who they show their penises to. Expressing his history with bullying was quite saddening and the strength that he developed for himself at the end was inspiring! Truthbetold 15 Your lack of understanding is clear about men and how our bodies work.

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