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In Maya half-eaten, 5ft-long porpoise was found on a beach at Happisburg, Norfolk. The biggest part of the challenge other than staying on time and following the instructions is getting an old car to the finish line each day, organizers say.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A monster great white shark is feared to be prowling off the British coast after two dead dolphins were found at a popular beach resort. In contrast, more than million sharks are killed every year by humans.

The half-eaten seal was found in February by a young couple out for a romantic walk along Great Yarmouth beach.

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And then as I got closer I realised it was chewed in half and it freaked me out. Each stop on the Great Race is free to the public and spectators will be able to visit with the participants and to look at the cars for several hours. The vehicles, each with a driver and navigator, are Great yarmouth dating precise instructions each day that detail every move down to the second.

It is feared that a shark could be prowling in British waters close to favourite holiday beaches file picture Read More "Killer whales do occur off the Scottish coast and occasionally come down the North Sea," he said previously.

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She said there might be a less chilling explanation for the find. Massive teeth marks had been gouged in the seal's flesh, where something lurking in the deep had apparently ripped into it.

Great whites, which prey on dolphins, porpoises and seals, live for 70 years and don't start breeding until they're about fifteen. In a lifetime, you are more likely to die from fireworks or lightning.

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One of the dead dolphins found at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, over the weekend Image: The Great Race gained a huge following from late night showings on ESPN when the network was just starting out in the early s. Gorleston coastguards had received reports on Friday that a pod of dolphins was spotted off the Great Yarmouth coast.

Lunch and overnight cities along the route are still being determined and will be announced this summer.

We do often go beach walking but we 've never come across this before. There had also been a series of mystery deaths of seals, which had suffered ugly injuries off the Norfolk coast in Three girls mauled in savage dog attack leaving blood spattered across the ground It is now feared that one Great yarmouth dating the sharks could be prowling off the coast close to favourite holiday beaches, which will be packed this summer.

The film Jaws was based on a real incident inwhere four people were killed by a shark off the coast of New Jersey. The first dolphin was found dead on Saturday morning on Yarmouth's Pleasure beach, while the second was discovered yesterday afternoon.

The mutilated corpse was quickly identified as a harbour porpoise, but fears quickly grew that it had been attacked by a hungry great white lurking in shallow water along the coast.

They are the latest in a string of bodies mysteriously washed up in recent years, with a half-eaten 4ft-long seal found nearby in Sharks have been swimming in the ocean for more than million years.

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New York natives Howard and Doug Sharp brought their two winning Great Race cars — a Velie which won the event and a Hudson which won the race — to the announcement.