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Garth says "I caught basking in the sun". Last minute festival outfits anyone?!

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Bedford SB - restoration project. I am presently in Malaysia for my dad's burial,been having some difficulties lately.

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In Australia, this is the oldest restored British-built commercial vehicle on the road. I cant seem to get the link to get an ID with the company.

Coogee-Spearwood Guy Arab No. Delivered in with a Clyde body, it may therefore be the oldest post-war Sydney Leyland in existence - unless you know better! He kindly keeps me advised of news from the collection, but this vehicle was actually spotted at Blackheath NSW, about 50 miles north west of Sydney, and just a short bush walk from Garth's home.

Please feel free to send any suitable items and I will be happy to post them. This excellent list records that it was sold in to Kingswood Wreckers then resold, and later noted as a stationary caravan at Walgett NSW. I forwarded the link from "Faiways Delivery Company" with the link to Chase Bank outlining what had happened and this was their response: In there were no old buses for sale in Tasmania but a tram body from Hobart could have been picked up quite cheaply, as many were.

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So at last visitors can once again see the Museum's superb collection, including Sydney Regent seen above, which has just undergone a painstaking total restoration by the team.

It was originally built with a timber-framed halfcab body and was rebodied as a full-front with fibreglass mouldings. I am moving for a new start,and I hope you can help me adapt once I arrive.

I know it is not genuine and felt that we need to know about this in NZ. Thanks for the news, Mat.

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Garth also sent me a page from the original maintenance record for this bus dating back to Nicholas says; "Bus Preservation Society of Western Australia has a severe lack of storage for its collection.

Now she would not return my passport because she feels her son is entitled to the Gold Bars,my Aunt on the other hand told me my Dad personally asked her to give me the Gold bars when he was critically ill,she said he felt he hasn't been the best Father to me after my mom passed away. Whiteman Park administration is comfortable with nine buses held outside, but not as many as we have.

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