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Getting Your Flirt On, Costume-Style Halloween is typically a fun time to meet all kinds of new people — witches, ghosts, priests, policemen, aliens, celebrities, the front half of a horse, you name it. Use your mask to give you the boost to be that outgoing, direct, leader of a guy that you know is inside of you.

Ever dreamt of beautiful women sending you flirtatious one-liners? Your body will appreciate it. Women dress up for the same reason we do — to have fun being someone else for a night even their favorite Transformers and to be noticed.

I can take on a whole new, more confident and sassier persona. You're in a great environment to meet women-use it!

If You're Hoping To Get Lucky On Halloween, Read This

On Halloween, women are more open to fun, excitement, and fantasy. And you know what?

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Tell her about your best high school Halloween dance. Use what you notice around you as an opportunity to say hi, tease a girl and spark a great conversation.

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See a pretty girl dressed as a sexy nurse and want her to notice you? Joke with the girl dressed as a Playboy bunny if you Dating ryan williams to be Hefner.

Waking up in your own vomit is not a good look, man — unless you came to the party dressed as a guy caked in his own vomit, we suppose. Mostly because you literally can't.

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You can benefit from this too. Tell a woman at the store to go for the toffee apples instead of the pumpkin pie.

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Don't be the guy that says a one-liner and leaves before the clock strikes twelve. Comment on how sexy she looks in a black wig. Everyone is in costume and it triggers a desire in your brain to be someone else.

Just bring along a giant tub full of condoms to distribute. Progressive sexual health advocate? I'm the kind of woman that's happy in jeans or workout pants, but last year my dress was so short that you could seriously see my tonsils!

Your friends will be holding Halloween parties, bars will be crammed full of people dressed like the cast of True Blood and women will be hitting the shops for costumes and candy.