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After explaining what he could to the conveniently just-returned Dumbledore, he'd barely managed to make it to the hospital wing before collapsing into the bed next to the one occupied by his best friend. She liked to focus on me though which was good because it gave the others a break.

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Banner Art by Fan Arts Series — — — — Hermione was so lost in thought that Harry had basically been leading her down the hall after the DA meeting so when he grabbed her arm and pulled her into a small alcove, she went without a peep.

I have nothing to hide.

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Go try to buy a bull for stud or better yet—a fancy, pure bred dog. When no one else was around he'd sit by Hermione's bedside and hold her hand, unknowingly repeating her actions of the previous year, pleading silently that she'd recover and come back to him.

I thought you knew and were ignoring it to discourage me. It was thrilling if he were going to be honest about it.

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The base potion was made illegal by the ICW in the s. I Hermione granger and ron weasley dating fanfiction you with me because… well, I wanted a witness that I could trust. Narcissa sat down on a small loveseat, tears streaming down her face.

Or that her figure had continued to develop since the previous year. More money for that little bitch Wedding party hookup steal I guess.

Hermione pulled her magic back in and took a deep breath. He let his head hit the wall, and closed his eyes.

She saved most of her ugliness for Hermione but did take the time to assure me that Parvati Patil, whom I took to the ball last year, is a gold-digging whore and Cho Chang is and I quote your daughter here, an ignorant slag.

There is no defense you could mount that would be a good enough excuse for your actions, but you already know that.

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Can she handle Draco, or will tensions explode between the pair? Ron rolled his eyes with annoyance and pushed them away, then grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him off to one of the shops, with Hermione following along behind, trying to keep a straight face.

He proffered a wooden box.

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I watched the box activate and the message leave. She shuddered and tears sprung in her eyes.

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He will not be offended by the stipulations. She nodded her understanding and he released her. On his right, Ron was earnestly reviewing the performance statistics of the new Firebolt racing broom, and its potential impact on the upcoming quidditch season.

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She let her aura surface as many people expected magical Guides to have a faint glow when they used their gifts. Oneshot Dramione Rated M for a reason!

For Hermione and Draco the weekend brings them into contact with their old friends, while for Harry and Blaise the weekend is all about keeping secrets from being exposed. The ability to heal with parselmagic is supposed to be practically extinct because you have to have a pure magical soul to heal with it.

Make it really clear that people should avoid making themselves a threat to me since his spirit animal is the dragon.

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She had drunk half the glass before she turned to him.