How to Install an Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tank in a Truck | How to Install an Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tank in a Truck |

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Now take the second black plastic marine gas fitting and put it over the brass fitting on your generator cap. Tighten the hold on the filter. Works off the original tank gauge you are really just fueling yourselfno codes thrown, no overflows, no wiring, no pump, just simplicity Originally I had an in-line fuel filter between the tank and the filler neck, but believe it or not, it would NOT flow enough fuel when the aux tank got down to less than half full.

That just does not cut it for most emergency situations or when you need to leave the generator running for long periods of time.

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Here is how you can make an auxiliary fuel tank to feed your generator. Step 6 — Bolts Use galvanized bolts to hold the mounts in place. Always remember to turn off the fuel pump after the transferring process. Me, if I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all!

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Very solid mounting and easy to remove in minutes when I want the full bed available. I went with a smaller auxiliary fuel tank up to gal is avail.

I would fill the lower tank, cap it and then fill the upper tank. You just have to drill a whole into the center of the barb to fit another brass bushing.

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Step 4 — Marking After ascertaining the exact position of the auxiliary diesel fuel tank, mark the points where the mount on the tank will meet the truck bed.

I did not have to caulk mine, so you will not see that in the picture. Even empty, it will generate enough fuel vapor to give you an up close and personal demonstration of the "Big Bang Theory" If you can find a tank built with a drain plug you can save a bit of work and avoid this step.

And makes many of my "fabrications" a piece of cake!

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The position where you place it is of utmost importance. The small line on mine does take some time to fill the main tank: After having done that place it back in the tank in the filter slot.

I found it easy to install, other than being a bit fussy to get the filler neck out and back in.