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Click here for scrollable printable So, even though I WAS extremely happy with my system, I found that with the increased spectrum of sound available on today's CD's the lower frequencies would often cause distortion at high volume levels.

You will likely not hear any loss of tonal richness.

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Check the drawings that I have kindly supplied for dimensions to check potential fits. But, for real power, I went to the Rockford-Fosgate which works much better see below.

The A-SEL takes over your presets. Sticky tape the fixture to the pocket corner and secure with a zip tie through two holes drilled on either side. The amp is grounded as closely as possible to itself so I chose the rear most bolt on the frame.

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It was the AUX connector. This installation is "semi-" permanent because I got an extra Terk Xmicro antenna from Crutchfield mounted on the truck and a Delphi SAP1 Home Unit from Circuit City as well so I can enjoy the same great music riding, driving the truck or sittin' on the sofa!

Fosgate's patented heat sink works dandy but for those hot summer days, see below. Bi-polar caps can be used, but Axials are cleaner. I added a little cage on top of the fan using strips of zip ties to keep wires from working their way into and stalling the fan.

But now, with all the MP3 players available with capacity to have quality as well, it's time to move on. Your "home" stations take over the preset buttons.

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It was not Hook up rockford fosgate capacitor the work which I knew would be the case anyway, but what the heck, I was bored. Press and quickly release A-SEL so it's not displayed.

This boat is similar to a daytona 25 eliminator except it is much taller, wider, and heavier. Since the GL audio unit puts out 25 watts as specified by Honda, you will likely have the input gain on amps set low since 25 watts is rather high.

At the time of the earlier writing, MP3 players were in their infancy, the capacity was expensive and miniscule plus it was of dubious quality for a true audiophile.

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Once it exits from the rear of the top cap at the tank, route as you please, but keep the speaker wires away from power wires as much as possible. Help keep this website alive. The boat is in like new condition and ready for years of trouble free boating. The rear ones are easy as cake or izzat a piece of pie?

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If I don't respond to an e-mail question, it's more than likely because the answer is already here so read carefully. This article is very detailed with good illustrations.

They are a nice complement to the Alpines which I still have up front and will keep up front. Make sure you keep fragments out of the circuitry, blow them out with compressed air when done cutting.

The wiring is simplified Hook up rockford fosgate capacitor pic below - hook both the front and rear speakers to the same amp output terminals since it's only a two channel amp. Running 12 volts to it is not too hard, just fish some wires up there as described above and set it up, but have the trailer plug on the fished supply line with the hot wire jacketed opposite of what comes off the lighter socket.

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You can probably get away with just using a hole saw, but it is a good idea to remove the rear fender piece to make sure no wires will be cut with the hole saw under the trunk.

Donate what you will or simply click an ad on this page for free. Optionally cut off the feet of the amp.

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The author can assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this information by the reader. The dimensions of speakers that will just bolt into the rear as described here are seen below, click for pic.

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However, when the mercury rose above comfort level, the S cut off after about two hours due to heat. More on wiring here - click here to review - I agree with Mr. Instead of listing to a band from the audience, you feel like you are IN the band maybe the drummer.