Olympic Peninsula Birding Tours from Port Angeles, Washington in the Pacific Northwest Olympic Peninsula Birding Tours from Port Angeles, Washington in the Pacific Northwest

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A few of you made one inspired by mine before I even posted this and it made me SO happy to see. Clarks' Nutcracker are found rarely. Red-tailed hawk is pretty common over much of the Olympic Peninsula.

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Black-headed Grosbeak tends to be very vocal when they are breeding on the Olympic Peninsula from about May to July.

To help you enjoy it all, the park offers cabin rentals and camping. During the summer, pairs breed on the Elwha River and can be observed there from roughly April to August.

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Their modern facilities include pads with electrical hookups and 55 non-pad campsites. Seeing the Puffin behavior at fairly close quarters demonstrated to me just how closely the Alcid family was filling an ecological niche similar to Penguins in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Varied Thrush is easiest to see while overwintering and during migration because when they are breeding, they seem to disappear deep into the Olympic forest. Place each color yarn into it's own bag to keep things organized.

It is also good to work on birding by ear for these good-looking songbirds but have fun figuring out those in the genus Setophaga apart. Egos high with three lifers so early on, there would be much more to come and we moved on to keep our appointment with Cape Flattery.

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Pine Siskins will visit feeders in the winter. I love birding by bike on the Discovery Trail in May and listening for songbirds like flycatchers since they are so easy to identify by ear.

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Satisfied we had seen most species, we trekked up the stairway to the van and traced our route back on the tree-lined highways to Port Angeles. Standout options include dayboat scallop ceviche with lime, shallot and cilantro; Yellowfin tuna tartare with California sturgeon caviar; and Essay festival holi crudo with orange, Marcona almonds and radishes.

I often observe them on Ediz Hook in Port Angeles as well. Do so in the same manner you did all the arcs! Flocks of Golden-crowned Kinglets are very common year-round on the Olympic Peninsula and are often high in the conifer canopies.

Balance out the savory feast with a sweet finish — the olive oil poppy cake is outstanding. Other birds were the same in all respects but totally at home in completely different settings such as Savannah Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow, American Goldfinch, Bushtit, Orange-crowned Warbler, and Common Yellowthroat.

What fun Olympic Peninsula birds to identify as they roost together on pilings, rocks, boats, and docks! A resident flock of Surf Scoters cruising the protected harbor waters was an added bonus. Then, finally, do the top of the section.

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The scene from our safe and comfortable perch above the Pacific at the Cape overlook was something out of National Geographic, and the highlight of my birding trip. Protected harbors, drainage fields, estuaries, and ephemeral ponds from winter flooding are all good locations to look for wintering ducks on the Olympic Peninsula.

The trail fortified by carefully placed wooden steps required a walking stick and descended a half mile or so ending up on a shelf protruding out over the ocean.

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The lovely Red-necked Grebe is actually quite common during the winter in the Port Angeles harbor from about October to April. Although Eurasian Collared Doves are generally around human habitation, once you get further into the wilderness you tend to only see Band-tailed Pigeons.

You'll find both modern and primitive tend camping along with modern restrooms and showers.

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Ruby-crowned in my part of the Rockies. The park also offers picnicking, a playground, boating, hiking, biking and horseback riding.