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When mentioned, the exact floor varies: His bumbling, indecisive management style is one of the main reasons the station is unprofitable, although he is a principled, kind, decent and sometimes surprisingly wise man.

Though happily married, they are so anxious to avoid hurting each other's feelings that they rarely tell each other what they really think.

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Venus Flytrap Tim Reidthe soulful, funky evening DJ runs his show with a smooth-talking persona and mood lighting in the studio. Beginning with the second season two-part episode "For Love or Money", she occasionally becomes linked romantically Craigslist hookup alternative Johnny Fever.

They also felt that the rock and roll music and the sex appeal of Loni Anderson were better-suited to the earlier slot, which at that time was thought of as mostly aimed at young people.

Coincidentally, Gordon Jump in real life was born and raised in Daytonjust 55 miles north of Cincinnati.

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An extremely successful and rich businesswoman, her only regret is that her approach to parenting the "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" school of child-rearing backfired as her son ended up indecisive, weak-willed and afraid of her. As the series progressed she overcame her shyness by developing self-confidence.

Music licensing[ edit ] The show's use of Blondie 's " Heart of Glass " was widely credited with helping the song become a major U.

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His best friend is fellow employee Herb Tarlek, whom Mr. However, due to heavy music replacement, sales of the set were poor, and Fox released no further seasons. According to people who attended the recording sessions, Ellis didn't yet have lyrics for the closing theme, so he improvised a semi-comprehensible story about a bartender to give an idea of how the finished theme would sound.

A previously unseen communal office area "the bullpen" was added to accommodate scenes with the entire cast. His coffee is terrible, unless there is a guest, in which case he prepares it with care.

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This role is possibly Howard Hesseman's signature role as an actor as he had briefly been an actual disc jockey at one point. It is suggested these bandages are the result of repeated attacks by Phil, Nessman's monstrous dog who is never seen but is heard growling in another room in Nessman's apartment.

For example, the doorbell to Jennifer's penthouse apartment played " Fly Me to the Moon " which was later replaced by " Beautiful Dreamer " due to copyright reasons.

To allow the ensemble cast to mingle more, the set was expanded. Carlsonthe station's owner and the mother of Arthur Carlson.

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However, having graduated from journalism school with some training in editing, and intent on becoming a broadcast executive, she is later given additional duties as an on-air news reporter, in which she proves more capable than Les Nessman.

Hirsch Ian Wolfe is Mrs. Prior to the broadcast, however, the series had already been cancelled.