Hydraulics, open-center, pressure compensated (PC) - gpm Hydraulics, open-center, pressure compensated (PC) - gpm

Hydraulic control valve hookup, specifications

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Figure also shows the correct way to drive a pump with a belt. Some load-sensing pumps have a fixed differential while others are adjustable.

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Another option that has been used successfully is to drive the multiplex pump through a four-speed transmission, which greatly enhances the flexibility of the system. Pump outlet pressure rises to load pressure plus load-sensing bias-spring force.

In the throat, the power fluid and produced fluid mix, and momentum is transferred from the power fluid to the produced fluid, causing its energy to rise.

Small hydrostatic pumps can be controlled manually, hydraulically, or electro hydraulically.

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Any number of such area combinations is possible to match different flow and lift requirements. As with all hydraulic pumping systems, a considerable range of production is possible from a particular downhole pump by controlling the power-fluid supply at the surface, but for any given size of tubing, the maximum achievable rates are usually much higher than those possible with stroking pumps.

Pressure Recorders To obtain producing BHPs at several different withdrawal rates, downhole pressure recorders are often run in conjunction with hydraulic pumps, hung below the standing valve.

Control Manifolds Where a number of wells are to be pumped from a central battery, a control manifold is used to direct the flows to and from the individual wells.

Pressure-compensated inline or axial piston pumps

These circuits usually incorporate an inline or axial-piston pump coupled to a variety of hydraulic motors. These tools are useful for acidizing or steaming. The lease treating facilities, however, must have sufficient capacity to process both the well production and the return power fluid.

The operates in the same way as the pump in Figurebut the angle of the cylinder block can vary to reduce flow on a pressure demand.

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The system of sizes offered by Manufacturer C uses a similar geometric progression concept but does not use the same factor over the total range.

The open center Hydraulic control valve hookup unloads the pump and allows the actuator to coast to a stop or float. Built-in safety features for operator peace of mind Safety is designed into all 4M and 4R Series Tractors.

When possible, feed the pump with at least tank head pressure by mounting it alongside or under the tank.

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Positive displacement pumps of the vane or crescent-gear type driven from the triplex have been used extensively, but they require a pressure-control valve to bypass excess fluid and match the multiplex displacement.

Because the fluid level in the tank is maintained approximately 18 in.