Little Known Facts about Drain Pumps at Scotsman Ice Maker Little Known Facts about Drain Pumps at Scotsman Ice Maker

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Commercial quality ice makers simply freeze water on the evaporator plate or within the auger cylinder in the case of flakers and nugget ice makers.

But Scotsman Ice has actually solved even this problem. So, this mineral laden water is purged, but most ice storage bins are not refrigerated, and the ice in the bins eventually melts.

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The other water typically cycles through the system again, often being captured in a reservoir below the evaporator plate before being pumped back up into the main reservoir to flow to the evaporator again.

This means one less stress, one less professional to schedule, one less thing that might go wrong, and one less COST to you when you make your purchase. The simple physics or chemistry of the process is that pure water, the water without any minerals, sediments, or other material suspended in the liquid, freezes "first".

Some manufacturers have setups where the water from the purge process can flow through a line down through the bin and out at the same location as the bin's melt water. The one danger with the external drain pump is that if your pump motor dies or the electrical system for the pump goes out and the ice maker is still getting power, making ice and purging water, that drain pump's pan will fill and overflow and you will have a mess on your hands.

That means you not only need to schedule a professional for the ice maker's hookup and testing, you may need to hire an additional professional with electrical or plumbing expertise. You need to be prepared for that drain and the amount of water that your particular model is releasing each cycle.

No matter what, Swedish dating sites uk the water purged from the system, your troubles will go down the drain. Home Little Known Facts about Drain Pumps Nearly all commercial ice makers purge water from the system after each ice-making cycle.

Every modular storage bin has a drain out for the water that has melted. It can be not only hooked up to the water drain so that the water can be pumped to an external drain or plumbing, but they are also typically wired into the ice maker's electrical system.

Enter the drain pump.


It is simply a matter of necessity. This cycle can vary in length of time and the amount of water circulating, but it is the standard process. It is an extra expense and is not functionally tied into the processes of the ice maker.

This means that there are two sources of water draining from your ice making system.

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But, lo and behold, manufacturers of ice makers have your business's welfare in mind. Both the ice maker and drain pump are on or off at the same time.

Ice maker water line hookup in all the drain pump might be just an extra hassle. Many restaurants and other foodservice establishments have planned ahead and utilize a floor drain built into the facility for just this kind of purpose. So how do these establishments have ice makers without puddles of water on their floors?

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Eventually, the water that doesn't freeze during the ice-making cycle has to get dumped. The ice gets harvested when it is the right size, thickness, and consistency, and the extra water is not reused, since it is laden with minerals and other stuff that you do nott want settling in your machine's system.

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No overflows will occur in that case. For the most part, with modular ice makers sitting on Ice Storage Bins, you will need some kind of external condensate pump. This is why most manufacturers include a purge process whereby that water is flushed out via a drain.

They have designed a few models of undercounter ice makers that utilize a drain pump that can be incorporated into the unit. But other facilities and businesses may not have had the opportunity or foresight to anticipate the need for a drain in the floor for their ice making equipment.

It doesn't matter the size of the machine, the rate of ice production, or even what type of ice the machine makes. If one goes out the other will have also typically lost power as well.

Now most of these drain pumps need to be installed at the time of your ice maker's installation, regardless if it is an external condensate pump or a manufacturers drain pump suitable for your specific equipment.

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This can be a simple water catching pan or reservoir with a pump motor and a drain tube that can be hooked up to a sink drain or into a facility's plumbing.