Attraction vs. Value - Mystery, Woman, Seduction tips, Dating Girls Attraction vs. Value - Mystery, Woman, Seduction tips, Dating Girls

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So, the solitary geek cannot pretend to be the fashion-victim, club-loving stud. Ah, yes, men know this scenario well. SMV is not a earring and a tight shirt showing off your gym-built muscles.

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The hotter she is and the sexier she dresses the more interested she will be in money and status. I mean, here is this gorgeous Increase your value dating, dressed to kill, drying a car.

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The third day came back with the same result. Summary As you can see looks is still by far the most important factor in the game with the exception of the massive bonus points available from Illuminati money and fame.

So, talk in theory.

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The downfall of a nearly attraction-absent game is that the girl will attempt to LJBF you. Unless you are trolling sites like CelibateSingles.

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Those good things will begin to shine more. But when I racked up my fees, this translated into a much higher Perceived Value, which is really the only value that counts. I recommend you have a look at the following resources to get your transformation in gear: The laws of sexual economics are no different than the laws of standard economics.

Raise Your Price and Raise Your Value by Master of the Universe Many years ago I learned a very important lesson, a lesson that once I had truly understood, completely turned my business around.

Some of you guys might have as much as 5 points to improve if you really get it together. If you can get her to see you as a challenge you will rapidly boost her attraction for you.

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This is especially killer as an opener in a club situation. But do you want to know what the really amazing thing is?

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Understand that when a girl introduces you to her friends, or talks about you to them — she is automatically going to shed you in the best possible light so that her friends perceive her as the queen bee. So let's look again at our imaginary friend, and let's pretend that he is you.

If he is a immigration lawyer and her family is overseas, he is extremely valuable. Average Guy Before Pictures Rank: There's a reason they call them man-killers. This process went on over a period of time, until now I charge more per hour than I used to make in a day or two.

After the initial few dates, SMV's importance slightly wanes in relation to other aspects of your personality.

What A Challenge Feels Like

If there is no attraction, there is no reason for the girl not to leave you in that category, with unlimited access to your value for eternity.

He uses all his newfound skills, and since he realizes that he is the prize to be won, he is able to attract her to him initially.

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And then reward her. Everything looks wonderful, until it happens A girl by herself does not care if you are an inspiring writer, or want to travel the world. On the plus side, since value is completely aligned with society's programming, it can reduce your flaking completely.

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