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Iol dating johannesburg show celebrates the strength of the extraordinary women who helped to bring this country to freedom, and examines the generation gap between these wise, iconic veterans of the struggle, and their granddaughters, the confident young born frees.

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Protest action in South Africa often centres on the structural inequality and racial tensions to which forced removals contributed. This was as a result of legislation such as the Natives Urban Areas Act. Volume 1[-5] Surplus People Project report. New Revolutions recalls the fulcrum of activity into which the gallery was borne 50 years ago: However, until no comprehensive legislation was in place that would allow the government to institute segregation of its populace according to their ethnic classification at national level.

Another group's survey estimates that one in five adult males become victims of sexual offences, and this figure could be much higher as a male is 10 times less likely to report a sexual violation than a woman.

The danger of sexual violence in schools has created a barrier for girls to seek education. On almost every occasion, there have been difficulties with local authorities in getting the photographs taken.

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The infant has required extensive reconstructive surgery. This further fuelled the Nationalist government efforts to remove all Black people from urban areas and allow the government more control over them.

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Men from ages 20—40 are more likely to have raped than younger or older men. People found ways to live and work among one another as urban areas expanded and circumstances created by World War II brought increased urbanisation and industrialisation.

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In Durban, for example, an estimated 80 Black people were forcibly removed in as the result of group areas proclamations. Cities for People, Not for Profit: Raping lesbians a practice referred to as corrective rape is believed to convert them to heterosexuality.

For example, the Transvaal and Eastern Cape saw the increasingly devastating effects of forced migrant labour.

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Paintings by Moshekwa Langa, Lisa Brice and Clive van den Berg explore abstraction and gesture in different ways; all three have produced significant bodies of new works which were well received during In areas like the Free State Black people were coerced to accept labour tenancy over cash.

Volume 1[-5] of the Surplus People Project report, p 1. South Africa has experienced a long history of forcible removal of people as the result of racist legislation. In each new city, she works by setting up a workshop of young artists and other residents, asking them to discuss what distinguishes their city and the people of that city from one another.

Oral history testimonies offer further insight into such experiences and reveal the difficulties and traumas experienced by individuals and groups who were forced to separate from their homes and community members. Goodman Gallery hopes you will join us to be inspired, challenged and excited by this exhibition and its promise of advances in the visual arts of South Africa.

Farmers would coerce them into changing their status to labour tenants. Its report states that patriarchy is firmly rooted in Black culture and fighting it is seen as attempting to destroy South African tradition or South African ideals. Accompanying the video installation is a new series of more than twenty photographic portraits of women taken over a thirty year period.

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And, while South Africa was deep in the throes of a draconian era, figures within the fight for African independence trail-blazed the struggle against apartheid.

We trust you will find the exhibition gives notice of an innovative and exciting programme for in Johannesburg and Cape Town.