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While the talented surgeons were able to save Adele's life on the table, the surgery proved too stressful for her heart, and she died of a heart attack soon after. You really think Adam Scott needs to go on TV to find love?

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Sloan confessed his undying devotion to her in Dating slogans final moments, lamenting, "[We're] supposed to end up together.

Brooks tragically died in the Season 10 premiere after she got electrocuted in the basement trying to find Dr. Even though Meredith Grey tampered with her and Shepherd's Alzheimer's drug trial to get Adele the medicine she needed, Adele's Alzheimer's continued to get worse.

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Other networks have tried, and they all have failed miserably. She was shaping up to be a real contender for favorite resident. Ummmm, what season was that and who are these people? Yeah, never in a Is brooks from bachelorette dating anyone years was going to happen.

Seriously no joke, within one minute of Tom uttering that sentence on live TV, I had three people tweet me asking if it was true.

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On the way to Bailey's wedding, Richard received a call from the hospital telling him that Adele was on the way to the hospital. Bailey and Richard headed to the hospital, where Bailey immediately began to work on Adele. All these other knock offs are just flashes in the pan.

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Giphy She may have been a bit overeager, but we liked Brooks. All you needed to do was any homework whatsoever and realize that A Adam Scott has a girlfriend and B do you honestly think someone as popular and at the top of their game as Adam Scott is going essentially quit golf for two months including missing the last two legs of the Fed Ex Cup Championship to go film a silly reality show?


A version of this article was originally published in February So ridiculous this was even talked about. Sure, he was a bit of a philanderer who wrecked Addison and Derek's marriage in the beginning of the series, but his growth and benevolence later more than made up for his initial shortcomings.

You could tell Tom was trying to be funny and use it as a set up to his joke about the bromance between Sean and Tristan, but when they immediately panned to Sean and Peta, Peta looked stunned, and Sean looked confused.

Sure, Sean and Catherine might still end up getting married someday, and if they do, it will be televised by ABC. Comments Once again, a lot of stuff to get being it almost two weeks since my last column.

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They ended up working on her together, though, nearly causing Bailey to totally miss her own wedding. Glad he cleared that up.

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Never make that mistake again, or else people will be coming for your head. I highly doubt a Masters winner and someone with the status of Adam Scott would waste 2 months on this show so he could date Hot Mess from Detroit or whoever. Shepherd attempted surgery to save her life to no avail.

We're meant to be.