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Is khloe k dating drake, related stories

Why is she so infatuated with him?

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Not one pic is of her on his insta, he keeps it to strictly about himself. Why in the world do you think she would leave an immature emotionally unintelligent NBA player baby daddy with a 5 year 82 million dollar guaranteed contract.

Khloe got pregnant to keep this man…. The relationship has been over. Shout out to Kris Jenner for keeping the story line going….


Yeah right they are. Also her best friend was on baby 2, IDK who the girl is dating or married to but Kylie wanted to be pregnant at the same time as her friend.

Malai SMH did u see her new teeth? This is abt right for her. It was a business arrangement relationship.

Khloe Kardashian -- Back in the Club TWERKING Hard on The Game |

He just got sue fo not paying the jewelers. He made a point to buy his mother as decent house he can afford unlike that fool Sean Kingston and his mother.

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Cap Houston is still mourning because we lost him to that girl. Neither her or Travis post on SM like the women do. Look how they did Lamar once they knew his NBA career was over. Allihave2say In human nature sometimes folks say the wrong thing when mad or threatened.

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Allihave2say This might be too much for her. Drake and Kendrick also got into it after the game The king: Tristan is young he doesnt care about any babies right now. Wait what did Sean Kingston do?

Same way with Travis Scott. Tristan played sparingly in Cleveland's first round matchup against the Indiana Pacers, but got a rare start for the decisive seventh game and had 15 points in the win. Hoey is do desperate. Everything just seems strategized to me.

Drake took his usual courtside seat for the playoffs game Big smile: But Khloe and Kylie both have that problem.

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