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They have a heart-to-heart and Megan tells Chris about her father who had recently had a heart attack that caused him to go brain dead.

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Their story, just in case anyone recognized Chris, is that the two of them became engaged on the Bachelor. While they're sitting on a couch in the back, kissing, Jimmy shows up.

There will be a relay sort of activity that involves different animals including filling a wheelbarrow with manure, drinking goat milk, and wrestling a greased pig. This is a pictorial history of the past years.

While the date starts off a little strangely, it ends well with Chris giving her the rose. They find a line of tractors and Chris tells the girls that they're going to race. The limo drives up to a creepy-looking area in the middle of nowhere.

The girls and Chris have a pool party. The two fly to Las Vegas, Nevada and get into a helicopter. And on every page, more dogs.


He presents the first date card to the group, telling them that he will be planning the dates for the week. There, Juelia opens up to Chris about her late husband's suicide. At the dinner afterwards, Carly, steals Chris away for the first alone time.

During this time, Megan and Jillian sneak off to Chris's house. During their alone time, it is evident that Chris feels the same way. When Chris opens the door, the girls scream even louder.

Chris is nervous about pretending to belong at the wedding, but he is blown away by Whitney's ability to make up a story to make it seem like they knew the bride and groom. Despite her being lactose intolerant, Carly wins the relay. Back at the house, Jordan was jealous who didn't get a date, begins an antic when she became drunk and shows up twerking upside down with the other women at the bathroom wearing face masks.

Halfway through the date, Chris announces to the girls that the date will continue as a one-on-one. Jordan has had too many drinks and is drunk when she talks to Chris and he is visibly uncomfortable.

He gives her the rose. It also helps that Sarah Gristwood is a proper writer.

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Whitney receives the rose. An exceptional choice of images, such as Flaming June by Frederic Leighton rightis matched by rich, colourful reproduction. They fly over the Grand Canyonland, and have a picnic on the Colorado River. Dating profile adjectives are beautiful dogs, ugly dogs, daft dogs, clever dogs, noble dogs, savage dogs.

Jade, concerned that she hasn't gotten much alone time with Chris, asks him to give her a tour of his house. This is a glossy hardback of old covers of Vogue, from to the present day.

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Jimmy takes them to visit with some "real party animals". They go and have a picnic where they see a wedding taking place below.

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He invites Mackenzie to come with him while the other five go home. Megan wears his motorcycle helmet and rams her head into several objects before determining that it's safe. During his alone time with Britt, Chris gives her a card that says "Free kiss from Chris" to show her that he was thinking about her.

When they get out, Chris explains that the group is splitting up into three teams and killing zombies with paintballs.

During this time, Jillian decides to go to his house, get into his hot tub, and wait for him. This is a delightful book, with photos of dogs by 29 world-famous dog photographers. Which of course it has, but this book will keep a few people sane for that tiny bit longer.