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Played by Dania Ramirez 5 episodes.

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In the episode Fore! Played by Malcolm McDowell. At the time, Dana wanted to get married to Ari, who broke up with her so he can marry who eventually became Mrs.

Played by Emmanuelle Chriqui.

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Emily tries to keep business and personal life separate. In the final season, Ari makes Lloyd the interim chief of TMA's TV division upon the condition that he will task the Mad Men production staff to derail the audition of a waiter Ari mistakes as dating his wife.

The working relationship comes to a short end by the conclusion of season 3's first half when Ari's admission to Bob Ryan about Dana's information on the final fate of his Ramones film script gets her fired.

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E eventually relents and takes the job anyway, despite discovering that Sloan revealed to be Murray's goddaughter worked to get him in the company.

Though born nine years after Leto, Gyllenhaal's birthday falls exactly one week before Jared's in the month of December. Josh appears once more in the Season 5 episode "First Class Jerk" when he has Vince set up for a meeting with Frank Darabont about a lead role in a certain project.

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Although they hit it off well in seasons 2 and 3, Sloan is disappointed when E moves in with her by the end of the season 3 finale but does not fully unpack his belongings. Ari eventually earns Lloyd's gratitude when he rescues Lloyd from a gay TV writer who wanted to take advantage of him and reunites him with his boyfriend after a breakup in the fourth season.

The couple plan their wedding for most of the seventh season, but they break up again during the interim of Seasons 7 and 8 because of Terrance's prenup demand as well as the takeover at Murray Berenson.

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Consider this case officially closed. Shore is also happy with Adam Davies dropping Drama as a client at the end of the season. Played by Monica Keena. Sloan reappears in the fifth season as E seeks her help in convincing Seth Green - who taunts E about his supposed past with her - to accept a role in a Jake gyllenhaal dating list show.

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When Ari is fired in the episode "Exodus," Lloyd is the only one who joins him on the way out and works for Ari's new agency in the third season.

David Germain of the Associated Press wrote, "Gyllenhaal humanizes her so deeply and richly Turtle is impressed with Saigon's demo tracks and becomes his manager, convincing Billy to use one song in the Queens Boulevard soundtrack.

He later decides it will be shot in Spanish. Over the course of the season, Charlie and E successfully pitch a script for a pilot for a new sitcom, but run into some hurdles when Seth Green - who was specifically picked for one of the roles - threatens to replace Charlie with Nick Cannon.

In the season 3 episode "Gotcha," Shore hosts a new Punk'd -style reality show called Gotcha that has the tagline, "You got Got! He joins the gang in flying to Cannes for the Medellin premiere in the season finale "The Cannes Kids" but as with Cameron in Queens Boulevard, he refuses to let Yair Marx see the film.

In the fifth season, Shauna steps in to help Vince's income stream by encouraging him to appear at a Hindu speed dating canary wharf sixteen party for USD,