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Artist Katie Stout's "Girl Lamps" acknowledge this acceptance of elementary design tactics with a, well, unrestrained twist. UM Projecta studio known for their playful approach to design, this year for Collective collaborates with the high-end wallpaper company Flavor Paper to create a wall installation that elevates the concept of interaction by applying it in a fun and physical way.

This year's offerings were a mixture of wacky, weird and wonderful

Note, for one, hand built and excruciatingly detailed vases by artist Glenn Barkley at the Mindy Solomon Gallery booth one standing out for its distinct Flamin' Hot Cheeto-hued detailing. With the touch of a few copper buttons, you can generate a fan, turn on lights and even flip open a mirror to check your makeup.

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Breaded Escalope's Conceptual Creations A chair made by Breaded Escalope on-site at Collective Design Breaded Escalope's Original Stool installation Tools used to mix the resin for the chairs Breaded Escalope, an arts and design collective based in Vienna, make their mark throughout several areas in the sprawling Collective Design space.

Simultaneously, the work references a modern tendency toward internalization, encouraging a type of behavior similar to walking down the street wearing noise-blocking headphones.

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Designer Murray Moss worked with the iconic glass manufacturer Lobmeyr to create these "broken" tumblers, utilizing glass engraving to mimic the look of a shattered glass.

Reinterpretations of Glass Lamps, mirrors and tables by Fernando Mastrangelo Studio Glass is another material breaking new ground in the hands of different designers at Collective. Check out more from the show below: Often a presentation of objects demonstrating both style and concept, Collective Design brings together works of designers big and small to create an environment spilling with eye-catching furniture pieces—admittedly garish at times, some understated objects hold equal weight due to their commitment to idea and process.

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A perhaps analog commentary on the condition of privacy in the present age, the piece provides a surprisingly ambient and comforting space in which to sit down with a friend and chat, perhaps even to divulge secrets.

Join overdesigners who stay up-to-date with the Core77 newsletter Each piece is created using a hollow sphere embedded with a silicone mold of the stool.

Several projects throughout the space took the material so far it presents itself as something totally different—for example, the work Fernando Mastrangelo Studio includes a collection of furniture pieces using compounds of resin and glass that resemble salt rock or even styrofoam.

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In one Free dating with herpes area, their "Original Stool" installation illuminates the process behind a collection of resin chairs whose creation takes a conceptual nod from the rotational molding manufacturing process.

By the looks of it at Collective, ceramic works of imperfect and child-like proportions are not only accepted but also widely coveted.

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The show always creates a sense of wonder behind objects otherwise ordinary, and several of our selections from this year's fair are a further testament to this notion. Utilizing conductive ink technology, this graphic modular wallpaper also works as a means of generating electricity throughout objects in the installation.

Escalope writes that the project attempts to "capture specific times K design collective online dating place by permitting the environment to provide the distinguishing characteristics for each piece.

Flavor Paper x UM Project: Other exhibits worth mentioning?