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Skulduggery Pleasant fans are known as "minions," or occasionally "munchkins.

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Many fans are much more likely to call themselves "Gryffindors""Slytherins""Ravenclaws" or "Hufflepuffs" than they are to call themselves by any other blanket fandom nickname. I want have a successful return as a singer, so I can buy a big building for my parents who've struggled a lot because of me.

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She would also have excellent cooking skills, which makes perfect sense as he is known for his huge appetite. The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy fans call each other "hoopy froods," from the in-universe term for someone who always knows where his towel isand is therefore a really together i.

People ask if I feel hate towards them, but that's totally not true. Shansters for fans of the works of Darren Shan. Team Jacob and Team Edward, regarding shipping. These are also known as Randlanders, as the world is often referred to as Randland, which again comes from the name of main character Rand al'Thor Phagers for members of the Gone fansite Gaiaphage.

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He also wants her to be kind and take care of him. Alternately, some people prefer Twitlighters. I was born inand I'm 34 years old.

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I haven't even bought any clothes properly for 5 years. I did get investigated, but I wasn't charged. She stated, "I have an illness that's personal. He also desires someone with a calm and understanding personality.

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Even when I walk on the streets, I was scared someone would say something to me. I've had to take medication since middle school and high school. I can't drink alcohol well, but I drink sometimes. However, sometimes "Factionless" is used as a general term for all of them, based off the name of one of the fansites.


The album was released on July On August 18,Taemin made his solo debut and released his first mini album Acewhich contains six songs. Phans The Phantom of the Opera Honor Harrington has the convention-related nickname of "Berets" for the distinctive headgear worn by members of the fan club.

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He would also prefer it if his girlfriend was shorter than him. Lurkers also used quite frequently, both for the Lurkers Kai and taemin dating the show and from the fan guide Lurkers' Guide To Babylon 5. The message included her explanation for the medication, and she told fans: I can't give up what I want to do most and am best at because I'm intimidated by misunderstandings.

It stars Taemin and Shota Matsuda.

Subdivided into "Watsonians" and "Doylists"depending on whether they maintain the affectation that the characters and stories are real or not. As it's not the right medication, it's difficult to suffer through the disorder.

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Another common name is Dumbledore's Army or the D. At the end of the day, he also wants someone that can make him hot chocolate.

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The major The Hunger Games fansites had a poll for fans to select their own fandom nickname. Twi-hards from "diehard" and Twitards more derogatory, from "Twihards" - not to be confused with Twittards, who are Twitter users.

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He has even named an actress that is similar to his ideal type in the past: When the drug reports first came out, they asked, 'Did you actually do drugs?

Growing up, Taemin dreamed of being a pilot until he discovered dancing when he was in 6th grade. He also expects his future girlfriend to be kind and respectful to her parents.