Keurig K15 10 oz. Coffee and Tea Brewer Black() - Auto Drip Coffee Makers - Ace Hardware Keurig K15 10 oz. Coffee and Tea Brewer Black() - Auto Drip Coffee Makers - Ace Hardware

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Removable drip tray for brewing taller mugs. Basically, you are set for life.

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Keurig K75 Single-Cup Platinum Home-Brewing System Keurig Platinum B70, K75, B75 — This popular model has a 72 ounce reservoir that can be filled at the sink and can brew 5 cup sizes — 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces — in less than a minute.

When you turn the Keurig back on, be sure to give it plenty of warm-up time.

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Just remember that you cannot use it outside an RV. Definitely one of the nicer single cup brewers Average rating: I prefer a small relay. The keurig is nice, however IMHO it is more or less a sales gimmick. Thanks to the engineering prowess invested in it, this machine can be used by anyone.

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It helps remove the calcium deposits that tend to build up inside. The OfficePro will shut off after 2 hours.

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The taste it produces may not be the cream of the crop, but it is more than satisfactory. Keurig has addressed both of these issues with their reusable My K-Cup filter, designed to allow you to brew just about any standard ground coffee in some Keurig machines.

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SyCoQc 5 years ago Reply mine is smooth but I must add that I've set the tap valve to a very low water flow The 48 ounce reservoir is removable and can be filled at the sink. Thanks Clarkdale44 3 years ago Reply K, thanks, i have one lying around, i got it from an old ups circuit.

Well, in general, it is for anyone craving a quick energy boost in the morning.

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I will try this electronic method in my Lavica as it may not have room for the float. To flush out debris, run water through your brewer a few times without a K-Cup.

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Many of the discontinued models are still available, but if you have a favorite, grab it now before they all disappear from the shelves. Lastly, I have reverse osmosis water so using brass fittings is not permissible as the water will actually dissolve the zinc in the alloy resulting with leaks.

This model also has a built in digital clock, descale alert, removable drip tray, and dishwasher safe parts. The internal tank can be easily drained by pressing a button.

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But if space is limited the mini plastic float might be to big. It may be time to descale.

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I've also installed it on my Saeco espresso machine. Drip Tray — A removable drip tray is handy for clean up of spills. Can accommodate the My-Cup filter and reusable third-party filters.