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His high-flyer style of fighting impressed many people.

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He was later the seventh person eliminated by Roman Reigns. However, Kofi gave his priority to education rather than fighting in the ring.

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His weight is The feud ended the next day on Raw, where New Day retained the tag team championship against Sheamus and Barrett. However, moments later, McIntyre came out with a letter, signed by Vince McMahonsaying that Theodore Long was irresponsible and abused his power.

Kofi has several signature moves and has finishing moves. He then decided to set his foot on professional wrestling. Kofi was married to Kori Campfield on in a private event, where his few wrestler friend and family attended the ceremony. A match between the two teams was scheduled for the TLC: Correspondingly, he worked for an advertisement company as an officer but he was not satisfied with that work.

The following night on Raw, he was granted a rematch for the title, winning the match by disqualification after Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins interfered. Inhe published The Book of Booty: Orton later lost the match. Kingston would have a standout moment in the match, getting thrown of over the turnbuckles by Cesaro and to avoid elimination by keeping his toes on the steel steps, he would later be eliminated by Sheamus.

He attended Boston College. Kofi Kingston attended Boston College and he earned graduate degree from the same college. End of the Linethe New Day lost the title to Cesaro and Sheamus, thus ending their record breaking championship reign at days.

This makes his age 35 now.

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After eliminating Tensaihe was pushed out of the ring but Kingston jumped on Tensai's back, landed on the announce table and used a commentary chair from John "Bradshaw" Layfield to hop to the ring apron before being eliminated by Cody Rhodes.

Kingston's team, led by Mick Foleywas defeated by Barrett's team, led by Dolph Ziggler, during which he was eliminated by Barrett. And his father was a librarian at the University He was raised and he spent most of his childhood in Winchester, Massachusetts. He got married to a wonderful wife named Kori Campfield in a private church on The New Day during the WrestleMania Axxess in April saw the start of what would eventually become a face turn for New Day as the crowd was starting to get behind them.

At Night of ChampionsZiggler again faced Kingston for the title; if Dolph was either counted out or disqualified, Kofi would win the title. In he was undefeated in singles competition in ECW, and later in May 20 he lost a game against Shelton Benjamin. Various feuds and championship pursuits — [ edit ] After defeating Michael McGillicutty on the October 10 episode of Main EventKingston was confronted and insulted by commentator and Intercontinental Champion The Miz, prompting Kingston to challenge for the title which Miz accepted.

Ziggler retained by pinfall. In his starting day of his career Sarkodie-Mensah initially used to work in an office. A rematch took place at Battlegroundwhere Kingston and Woods were successful in capturing the titles, thus making Kingston the first wrestler to hold the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, Raw Tag Team Championship both its previous and current incarnationsand the original World Tag Team Championship.

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Till then, he has been working in this field. A man with ultimate finisher has a fantastic height of 6 feet which is around 1.

Kofi Kingston is a tall, stylist and muscular guy. Initially, Kofi Kingston was recognized as high school wrestler in the state. The two teams faced off at Money in the Bankwhere Big E and Kingston emerged victorious when The Usos purposely got themselves counted out, thus keeping their titles.