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Cast[ edit ] Steven Strait as Caleb Danvers - the main protagonist; one of the four Sons of Ipswich, he attends Spenser Academy along with the other Sons and is the oldest and most responsible of the four.

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At Spenser Academy everyone knows the Sons of Ipswich Caleb, Pogue, Tyler and Reid but what they don't know is that they are Warlocks, the teenage descendants of an ancient coven of witches. Chase wants to force other "ascended" witches to transfer power to him as well, starting with Caleb.

April 4th, A gay cult classic. A young man with magic abilities trying to keep loyal to his witch brethren, and ancestry, while trying to fit into society could have been an interesting film.

Most movies and television shows are about young girl witches like Sydney university thesis Craft and Charmed.

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Sarah, Kate, and Pogue awaken, freed from their curses. He sacrifices himself and transfers his power remotely to his son. But there is a fifth Warlock who returns after being banished and seeks revenge by going after the Sons and their loved ones which for Caleb means the pretty Sarah is in danger.

But I am not a 16 year old girl and "The Covenant" ended up a bad movie which with every scene edging ever closer to the point of being amusingly bad. His biological father then transferred power to him.

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Caleb visits Sarah only to fall into Chase's trap. Despite Caleb's warning that having more power does not save him from aging to death, Chase ignores him. He is very cautious about using the Power, due to the effect its had on his father, and is the first to ascend.

When Sarah suggests that one of the other three transfer their power to Caleb so he could evenly match Chase, Caleb immediately refuses, explaining that doing so will cost them their lives.

They duel and Caleb is clearly outmatched.

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Kyle Schmid as Aaron Abbot - A pompous student and jock. Does that make it bad? As Joss Whedon proved with Buffy: He reassuringly holds her hand, and they drive off. Meanwhile, Caleb and Sarah quickly become romantically close.

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I am sure there is more to it than that. What this all boils down to is that "The Covenant" belongs with the "Twilight" movies as it is all about the visual appeal rather than the story.

Certainly something that any gay man can identify with. Of course there is that boy wizard with the lightning scar on his forehead, but he is in a world all of his own.

If you must hire older actors to play students, couldn't you at least try to find some who look like they wouldn't have had to flunk five or six grades to still be in school? And why do so many high-school movies have scenes set in bars?

Steven Strait

It's characters are dull, the actors are generic soap opera types, and the action, while pretty to look at some times, is completely meaningless when you don't care who lives or dies. He is later revealed to be the last of the Sons of Ipswich as well as being the one behind the supernatural occurrences, and is the film's main antagonist.

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The problem with the fight scenes, especially the final one, is that there is very little motive for them. The Sons, well versed in those facts, remain mostly carefree. This movie does make some references to using magic being similar to taking drugs.


Four sons of five families who survived the witch burnings of the s rule the school, all of them good looking, popular and very fit. Sadly, it doesn't even achieve that. Chase reveals a spellbound Sarah and gives Caleb an ultimatum of his life for hers.