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When investors all want to sell a particular fund, the selling pressure tends to lower the fund's price. As the asset base falls, the costs of doing business increase.

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Funds operate on economies of scalewith bigger being better from a cost-savings perspective. However, the formula can work as well when you take a partial distribution.

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A close family friend made me a beneficiary of one of her certificates of deposit before dying recently. This allows you to select those shares whose tax basis fits the amount of taxable proceeds you want to generate.

There are different strategies for different funds. It also brings down the mutual fund management firm's track record.

Mutual-Fund Taxation

What are my tax consequences? Let the Good Times Roll Funds are liquidated for a variety of reasons, with poor performance ranking as one of the primary causes. You can minimize your exposure to these occurrences by investing in funds with long track records of success and carefully monitoring your exposure to niche products.

This information will usually be reported on Form R. At worst, it means shareholders suffer a loss and pay capital gains taxes too. You will still be liable for any tax consequences on the fund exchange, just as if you sold the initial fund. I have taken the money from the account.

These documents should be available from your attorney or from the California Medical Assn. Most dead funds are merged into another in the fund family.

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Investment Protection or Trap? Any funds in those accounts would be considered a part of your mother's estate and would be subject to whatever taxes her entire estate warranted. Obviously, this works best when you Thesis in conclusion paragraph the entire fund at once.

Capital Gains

You would use that ratio to determine the taxable portion of the down payment you collect: However, the entire interest portion of the monthly payment would be taxable. For example, if you sell your mutual fund to buy Christmas presents and then repurchase the fund after the start of the new year, you might be in violation of the wash sale rule, which will prevent you from deducting any losses on the sale of the fund from your taxes.

The Thrill Is Gone Still, liquidations do occur, usually after a fund has dropped in value. To figure your taxable gain, simply deduct your basis from your proceeds.

If she does this, will the IRS consider the money in the account to be a gift to me from her?

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If you hold shares in a taxable account, you are required to pay taxes on mutual fund distributions, whether the distributions are paid out in cash or reinvested in additional shares. Several hundred funds closed nearly every year during the late s and the early s.

When You're Down and Out If you've got the feeling that your fund is going away, what should you do? This occurs because of the "mutual" ownership aspect of mutual funds. If there were any estate taxes due the government, the estate should have taken care of it.

This can be particularly damaging to investors holding the fund in taxable accounts, as the taxes cannot be deferred the way they could be in a tax-deferred investment, such as a k plan.

Before you liquidate your mutual fund, pay attention to the possible costs involved, including taxes, to avoid any negative financial surprises.

How do I figure the taxable portion of the monthly payments that I will be receiving?

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Assuming this took place, you should not have a tax obligation. Additionally, as an owner of the shares in the fund, you must report and potentially pay taxes on transactions conducted by the fund, that is, whenever the fund sells securities.

For federal tax purposes, ordinary income is generally taxed at higher rates than qualified dividends and long-term capital gains. If the fund is trading at a discount, you may want to hold because you will get paid on the full value of the assets when the fund liquidates them.

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If you liquidate your mutual fund at a gain, you will have to pay capital gains tax on that profit. Simply adding your name to a checking or savings account does not constitute a gift of any funds in those accounts.

You also could consent to the donation of her organs upon death.