The Silent Clue Men Give When They're Interested The Silent Clue Men Give When They're Interested

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Make eye contact I would look at her a lot and maybe smile at her and then go and talk to her. I would have to walk up to her and surprise her with a rose and ask her out on a date.

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Maybe a small smile and then look away. The way you look at her Simply by making eye contact with her and smile.

A sweet smile I guess I would give little hints that I liked her. Just to get to know a little about each other.

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Start talking and flirting a little with her. We see each other every day Go up to her and talk to her, send a note i. Send her some flowers with a romantic gesture in it and with, of course, my phone number I make eye contact and give my best smile and possibly a wink.

I would spend time with her. I would talk to her. She catches you looking at her I will glance at her every now and then. Keep looking back at her Give a warm smile.

Special lingering eye contact with lots of smiles. Just make an add in a newspaper I try not to let out a signal.

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I smile at her I go out of my way to make eye contact and smile, and try to get a vibe from her. Have her catch you looking at her.

I would let her know. Maybe even doing something unusual so she would laugh or see that I was a decent guy and fun to be around. I speak to her for an extended length of time even when I have the chance to speak with others.

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Would smile and introduce myself to her and have a short lite conversation at first then tell her it was very nice to meet her and that I would let her get back to what ever she was doing. Maybe some of my friends had told her By making constant eye contact.

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I would first try to establish eye contact when I see her in hopes that it can start from there then eventually I would approach this women and try to make small talk.