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Self belief is also a cornerstone of successful dating. Purpose Louisiana State University is committed to providing confidential, nonjudgmental and appropriate support services for all sexual assault survivors, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, ability, or whether or not they report the crime.

Lighthouse Advocates will provide survivors and students-at-risk with options for recovery, including assistance with: Lighthouse Advocates are specially trained University personnel who provide confidential guidance and support to LSU students who have directly experienced interpersonal violence.

A SANE is specially trained in collecting evidence and working with survivors of sexual assault.

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Is there a cost ot receive services from SANE? They have been designed to help introverted, shy men who want to develop confidence to start conversations with women.

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If the perpetrator of the assault is a LSU student, you have the option of filing a complaint with the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability for violation of the University Sexual Misconduct Policy.

To request Lighthouse Program Services, please click the the link below for an advocate to contact you.

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Medical screening STD testing, pregnancy test, etc. Regardless of how long ago the traumatic event or violent incident occurred, you are encouraged to talk to a Lighthouse Advocate about your situation. You can choose to meet with the C.

Lighthouse Advocates ensure that no survivor or student-at-risk has to navigate Profile hook up medical, legal, mental health, or University system alone.

When someone is confident, it can bypass almost every other attribute they might have. What is the SANE program?

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It helps to have already filed a report with the police, but it is not absolutely necessary. It offers a range of tips to help men attract women, with full details available on the URL above. The site is dedicated to helping men build self confidence, attract more women, and improve their dating game.

The period after a traumatic event can be confusing.

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One of the biggest keys is having courage, because confidence on its own is not so powerful unless it can be paired with action. For after hours care or if choose to go off-campus you can receive services from a SANE or physician at a local hospital.